The things my dad and I invested in turning a profit

The market has been falling continuously recently, and the terrorism index has dropped to 13, indicating that the mood has reached freezing point. Today, I want to share with you a few things about turning a loss into a profit, hoping to ease your anxiety and anxiety~

The first time I invested in a fund was on May 16, 2018. At that time, I bought a fund of 50,000 yuan in one go, and it didn’t take long for me to lose 10 points. Then, I added another 50,000 yuan to my position, and the result fell all the way. At the lowest point, I lost 40% ! For a novice who has just started investing in funds, he has lost his salary for 2 months before he has tasted the taste of making money, and he is still a little sad.

When I lost money, I wanted to work hard to make it back, and then I quit and my salary went up by 50%. I started to make up for some basic knowledge of investment. From 2019 to 2021, I made money every year. The few funds that lost 40% in the past were sold only after they gained 40%.

This period of experience gave me four inspirations . First, don’t use a shuttle, but stick to two dispersions, “time dispersion and asset dispersion”. Second, after the market plummets, you must dare to increase your positions. Third, when your savings are not enough, you must work hard to make money and improve yourself. Fourth, work hard to learn investment knowledge, don’t be an investment novice forever [笑哭]

Another thing that made me more profound is that I bought a crude oil fund in September 2019, and I lost 70% soon after I bought it, and I was not allowed to cover my positions! But I have been holding it until today, 3 months later, and I still made a profit of 16 points. Although it has only earned 16 points in 2.5 years, the annualized rate is about 6.4%, but it is still higher than the regular income of the bank.

This period of experience gave me 3 points of inspiration . First, do not touch crude oil funds. Second, cut meat less at low points. Third, invest less if you don’t understand it.

I mainly invest in funds, and my father mainly invests in stocks. The reversal of his last 2 heavyweight stocks also surprised me.

In 2020, Dad opened a warehouse of $China Medicine (SH600056)$ , the cost was 17 yuan, and then it fell all the way. Then I was hospitalized in the hospital for one year, and no one was interested in the stock account. When I was discharged from the hospital in the summer of 2021, the stock was only about 11 yuan. Then top-tier financing, constantly buying between 11 and 13 yuan, diluted the cost. When Chinese medicine rose sharply in the first half of this year, it cleared the position at 25 yuan and made a big profit. Then put the funds all in to buy $Nantian Information (SZ000948)$ , which is also a first loss and then a profit. I feel that investing in other people has lost money this year, and my dad has made money.

After reading my dad’s investment and making money experience, my feeling is that his investment style is not suitable for me, and there are too many ups and downs. My dad likes to invest in some small and medium-sized companies that no one cares about. I agree with this, so I plan to add a little bit of CSI 1000 Index Enhancement Fund later.

In general, at this stage, I think the investment index enhancement has a high winning rate, and I also plan to continue to increase positions in the enhanced version of the broad-based index, such as $10,000 CSI 1000 Index Enhanced A (F005313)$ , CICC CSI 500 Index Enhanced A (003016), SDIC CSI 500 Quantitative Enhanced A (005994), Huabao CSI 300 Enhanced A (003876).

Well, I shared two or three things about my own and my father’s investment, and you are welcome to share your own stories~


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