The true meaning of giving

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Great care in verbal greetings

I used to think “Have you eaten yet?” was a meaningless small talk until I ran into an aunt who said there was nothing to eat.
So I remembered a development that used to be common in this pleasantries:

Q: Have you eaten?
Answer: Haven’t eaten yet Q: It’s so late, why haven’t you eaten yet?
Answer: There is no rice at home Finally: Come to my house to eat some

This is giving, the simplest care contained in this greeting. When you say this sentence again in the future, you must have a heart ready to give. When you find someone in need of help, give a helping hand decisively.

give alms

Thus, I realized what charity is: to meet the most real and urgent needs of others without compensation and without expecting anything in return.
This need can be a meal when you are hungry, a glass of water when you are thirsty, a job when you have no livelihood, effective treatment when you are sick, or free sharing of technical dry goods, experience and experience that make people avoid detours, It can also be a step forward when others are desperate and fearful, and a solution in the midst of confusion and pain.

Why free?
Because helping others is the original meaning of giving. If I did it, I would be happy, and it doesn’t really matter if I get paid or not.
If the recipient of the gift can feel grateful and plant a kind thought, the merit will be immeasurable.

I didn’t get, and don’t need to get, his gratitude. Gratitude is his emotion and molds his soul. As joy is mine, please my heart. However, his sincere gratitude and my sincere joy complement each other, making it even more exciting.

And if material rewards are included, it will make my joy and his gratitude not so sincere and pure.
The logic of transactions conceals the truth of mutual help between people. It is through helping and supporting each other that people become human.
Transactions and markets are just for the mutual assistance between people to be more extensive, frequent and efficient. But now it has become a cover.

The more we interact with each other, the more we can see the real needs of others and find ways to meet those needs. This is why business was born, and it is also the source of various inventions and creations and the continuous development of society.

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