The Wandering Earth is on fire again, and the son of Sun Hongbin has made a lot of money

On January 24, the third day after the release of “The Wandering Earth 2”, the box office exceeded 1 billion yuan. The movie sold well, and the investors made a lot of money. According to the Maoyan platform, as of press time, the film studio has paid 400 million yuan. Sunac Culture was established in 2018. The current president is Sun Zheyi, the son of real estate tycoon Sun Hongbin. From the fantasy masterpiece “Assassination of Novelists”, to “Luo Xiaohei’s Story”, which created an overseas box office record, from “Wishing Dragon”, which landed on Netflix, to “The Wandering Earth 2”, which sold over 100 million yuan on the first day… Mr. Sun Quietly, has cast a number of film works. | Related reading (21st Century Business Review)

Takakura turtle

Recently, with the hot screening of “The Wandering Earth” during the Spring Festival, Sunac Culture and Sun Zheyi behind it have attracted a lot of attention. After all, the issue of second-generation succession has always troubled entrepreneurs in our country. Sun Zhe has cast several movies in a row, and it seems that he has achieved good results, and the evaluation of him is not bad. But in the final analysis, the investment in the cultural film industry not only depends on the vision, but also depends on the operation of capital. After all, Sunac Culture is backed by Sunac’s resources and funds. When encountering popular IP and film and television drama projects, it is natural to compare Others have a greater chance to participate, which is also one of the advantages of Sun Zheyi as the “second generation”, so how capable this second generation is, it is still good. In the later time, when encountering crises and difficulties, he will respond and deal with them It’s too early to judge what the ability is.

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