Things Backfire (Ukulele)

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In 2005, let me think about it, I was probably a sophomore in high school. I was really obsessed with writing in high school . Although I wasn’t very good at writing, it was more than enough to entertain my friends. I also wrote some songs at that time, most of them only had a short section, but this one was rare and complete, with continuity and continuity. If you sing blindly by yourself, it would be pretty meaningless. A balance music would be just right (coquettish tone). I am grateful to myself for knowing a little bit about the ukulele (although I have been practicing playing and singing for a long time, and I was laughed at by Brother Dou). ? ‍)! But my standard is that it’s OK if you can play and sing. I don’t pursue musical literacy and full emotions! I am already very satisfied, it is much better than when I only knew how to play the mouth organ! By the way, I used a new way of picking strings this time, which I stole from Brother Dou, and it fits the mood of this song quite well! Because I was not proficient, I practiced for a while, which can be seen from the time difference between composition and recording. Okay, now that the background is almost explained, we can get to the point——

Lyrics and music: 2005.09.17

Arranger: 2023.08.27

Compilation: 2023.08.27

Recording: 2023.09.08


The moon is wandering, never looking back

I said I will wait for you for a long time

The leaves clapped their hands, as if telling

Believe me, there will be good results

When things don’t go as planned, don’t feel depressed or lonely

With me by your side, you will never see loneliness

You said you wouldn’t give up

But why, break the promise

You said it wouldn’t change

But why, it can’t be realized

I said I won’t run away

But why, hiding again and again

I said it won’t happen again

But why, I can’t see it anymore

your smiling face

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