Time is old, Ruby is not dead, Ruby language basic introductory tutorial – Ruby3 full platform development environment construction

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If video games are the ninth art, then programming is worthy of the tenth art. The general law of art development is to give people a higher level of feeling for works of art, and Matz’s Ruby language is such a work of art. Whether it’s syntax or ideas, Ruby developers feel welcome, so Ruby code seems to come alive, sometimes loud but not elegant, sometimes whispering, but unexpectedly sonorous, it’s really wonderful, this kind of The solemn and gentle charm, in the words of the generation who idolized Matsumoto Yukihiro, is called Jiandan Qinxin. Now, let’s talk about it again, if you have a tiger in your heart, sniff the roses carefully. This time, let’s build a Ruby3 development environment on all platforms again, and feel the charm of Ruby3. The Mac platform (ARM/X86) knows that Mac and Ruby are a match made in heaven. You have me, I have you, and the connection is seamless and zipper-like. first…

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