To accelerate the digitalization of future urban space, Tencent Cloud and Sichuan Institute of Construction have reached a strategic cooperation

On September 26, Tencent Cloud and Sichuan Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sichuan Construction Institute”) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Relying on Tencent Cloud’s leading technologies in cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., and Sichuan Construction Institute’s more than 60 years of practice in the construction industry, the two parties will jointly create benchmark cases such as new smart cities and digitalization of the construction industry, and jointly The output solution promotes the digitization and intelligence of future urban space.


Sichuan Construction Institute is one of the 50 important state-owned key enterprises in Sichuan Province and a national high-tech enterprise. It is an integrated service platform for urban construction in the field of engineering construction and a full-process engineering consulting service provider. It has designed and completed more than 10,000 large and medium-sized projects at home and abroad. The project covers dozens of fields such as TOD station-city integration and urban design. Tencent Cloud provides the world’s leading technology products and services such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., and creates a wealth of industry solutions with excellent scientific and technological capabilities to help various industries such as construction achieve digital upgrades.

At present, emerging technologies are accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the future urban space. The two parties will establish a long-term partnership this time, and will focus on the digitalization and intelligence of future urban spaces, focusing on cooperation in various fields such as digital city construction, smart space product creation, and enterprise digital transformation.

In terms of exploring the construction of new digital cities, the two parties will actively promote the implementation of technologies such as urban spatial big data, urban intelligent application, BIM technology application, and urban digital twin in relevant scenarios, so as to improve Chengdu’s performance in municipal administration, transportation, education, landscaping, and environmental protection. The intelligent level of infrastructure and other infrastructure, to provide citizens and the government with more intelligent, convenient and accurate services.

Tencent Cloud will also leverage the core capabilities of digital twins, cloud rendering, game engines, and blockchain to explore and jointly build a digital city full-real interconnection industry platform with Sichuan Construction Institute, and promote it through pilot application scenarios and the implementation of specific projects. , continue to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, industry exchanges, talent training and industrial chain incubation, and continue to serve the intelligent construction of digital cities.

At the same time, relying on the practical experience in smart buildings, the two parties will jointly conduct in-depth research on key technologies in the construction of existing building renovation, green buildings, healthy buildings, and smart building scenarios, and jointly create smart space demonstration scenarios to continuously improve their own competitiveness and competitiveness. Ability to undertake projects.

The two parties will also jointly explore the path and mode to help the digital transformation of the engineering survey and design industry. Taking the digital transformation project of Sichuan Construction Institute as an example, we will jointly build a big data platform and cloud platform that supports the future development of the survey and design industry, and build diversified capabilities such as data resources, data services, data precipitation, and data transformation, and form comprehensive industry service solutions. Provide continuous support for the digital transformation of more enterprises in the industry.

In the future, Tencent Cloud will continue to innovate technologies, polish products, and join hands with Sichuan Construction Institute to accelerate the digital construction of Chengdu’s future urban space. At the same time, it has accumulated experience that can be replicated and promoted, and helped more provinces, cities and enterprises to achieve smart upgrades.

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