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  • Eligibility for the holiday?
  • “Sometimes I need wind, snow, rain and sunlight to make the work move. I like to work with the river, which is fast and slow, as if communicating with people.”
  • “It’s hard to prove that what I do is art, like you ask a poet what poetry is. My work is both intellectual and sincere (original out of the belly, where he humorously quotes a holy scripture, true believer’s belly) can gush out living water), so I always ask my stomach what to do.”
  • Shanghai people talk about the closure of the city, their ears are full of calluses
  • Family problems need to be dealt with more


  • Today’s coaches talk less, but the training efficiency is very high
  • “The Most Beautiful Art”
    • when others are happy
    • you stand far away
    • but satisfied and happy
    • Completed faithfully
    • most sacred duty
    • but gave up his wish
    • you live in the shadows
    • away from the sun
    • but like a star
    • illuminate others
    • This is a
    • Only those who feel heaven with their hearts
    • art to understand
  • Repeatedly confirm the repeated perception, slow down the rhythm
  • Who teaches the blind WeChat payment?
  • Big deal crushes ants
  • Natural Elasticity vs Shaped Elasticity
  • Sudden fluctuations, short-term imbalances in transactions, individuals under pressure can only find their own solutions
  • “Even if a world war breaks out now, I wouldn’t notice it”
  • “If I were a talented painter, I would paint the fate of the deaf and blind, like a black river flowing gracefully down to a waterfall, with beautiful trees to the left and right, and blooming Flowers and singing birds, another river flows from the opposite side, so clear and clean, this river also slowly, quietly, gradually flows to the bottom, below is a dark, unfathomable The lake, where the two rivers meet, the dark and clear rush to the rocks, splash and bubble, and then very slowly, and carefully, flow into that dark lake, where the water is silent , only occasionally broken by the ripples, this is the portrayal of the mental suffering of the deaf and blind. I don’t know if you understand what I said, those collisions of water and rocks are actually the mental depression of the blind and deaf, this depression It’s coming from blindness and deafness.”
  • “The so-called regulated narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs mainly refer to the drugs included in the “Catalogue of Narcotic Drugs”, “Catalogue of Psychotropic Drugs” and “Supplementary Summary of the Catalogue of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Drugs”. Class I and Class II, often referred to as “Class I” or “Class II psychotropic drugs”, also known as “scheduled” (listed as regulated) drugs. Illegal use of these drugs is considered drug addiction. Dextromethorphan Not in it.”
  • “And the potential “gophers” are increasing. Among them, what worries Shijie the most is the endless emergence of new psychoactive substances (hereinafter referred to as “new jinghuo”). Controlled by the Anti-Narcotics Convention, but there are substances that are abused and pose a threat to public health. They not only have narcotic, stimulant or hallucinogenic effects similar to listed drugs, but also evade legal control. There are currently 1,142 new psychoactive substances in the world. , of which stimulants are the most abundant, followed by synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists and classic hallucinogens, and the number of synthetic opioids has increased significantly in recent years.”


  • “It seems easy to say that a thing is good, but what’s good about it? That’s the problem, and this problem is very difficult. I also have a standard in my heart: if there must be a standard for measuring meaning, then the meaning is to pay tribute. It is said that thinking should be worthy of the problem, just like furniture should be worthy of wood, clothes should be worthy of cotton, wine should be worthy of grain, and poetry should be worthy of language. Sex is a tribute. In short, a tribute is to allow a kind of existence to continue to exist in a new way. This is what the “Book of Changes” so-called “shengsheng” is a great virtue or “rich” (allowing existence to exist abundantly) is a great cause the meaning of.”
  • A big bowl of pasta in the morning is still great
  • “At first they doubted, can such a person succeed? It’s too naive. Then they began to hope, please let such a person succeed at least once. Otherwise, there is no hope for this world. What they like about Lao Luo is that I love the young man in my heart. I chose to compromise for the sake of life. But please stick to your dream, please succeed in my place, and please take my dream with you to the end of the world.”
  • old leader birthday
  • “Can’t think of it”
  • There is nothing like wrestling in the world
  • Saturday is another sad farewell dinner


  • “there’s no way”


  • BeerHub has started selling Heineken and Wusu…
  • very hungry
  • The so-called brother, no one has arranged the problem.
  • fuck you bastard
  • good boy
  • why are you so abnormal


  • Open your eyes and say stupid things
  • Ehime 38, I bought it early…
  • In this era, abnormal is normal
  • Beijing Film Studio has not been demolished less


  • Busy day

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