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  • 40 minutes by bike to go home, good luck


  • power chain
  • “Since the beginning of this year, guiding funds with a scale of 10 billion or 100 billion have appeared frequently, but few of them can actually be implemented. Most of them are completed by dividing the 100 billion into several phases. Generally speaking, the government invests later. Guiding funds are favored, but the society cannot raise funds, and ultimately the fund is difficult to implement.”
  • Zhongyuan, Mercury retrograde, Eryang
  • Some things come together for a reason, right?


  • Detours are inevitable


  • Is Xiaohongshu so useful, I will learn it too
  • Before it rained, I rode for half an hour
  • Film and Television Hurricane – The Entrepreneurial Story of One of the Top 100 UP Owners
  • “I’ve become a Grim Reaper.”
  • “Gödel said in the letter that Einstein would meet him at home at ten o’clock every morning. Then he would walk to the Institute for 30 minutes, and then take a 30-minute walk home together after lunch in the afternoon. Two people on the road People discuss politics, philosophy, physics and mathematics together.”
  • “Gödel visited Princeton three times. On the first visit, he met Einstein under the introduction of the famous physicist Oppenheimer. Not only were the ages and personalities of the two very different, but even various They rarely agree. It’s just like this two people who can hardly find anything in common, miraculously become close friends.”


  • “Vocation, profession, job, and hobby are different. You will do it regardless of whether you can make money or not. It is a vocation. An errand that uses expertise to make a living is a profession. Serving others Paid labor for life is work. Things to do at your own expense are hobbies.”
  • I don’t even want to work for a day, haha
  • Jobs that obliterate or suppress personal personality and characteristics shall not be engaged in for more than two years
  • I just found out that Mawa reopened
  • “The most important purpose of large-scale refinancing is to prepare for mergers and acquisitions. If the regulator pays attention to the necessity and timing of refinancing, it will inevitably pay attention to the quality, valuation and necessity of mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, It will affect those high-premium mergers and acquisitions to a certain extent ( in the future, only small and fast mergers and acquisitions can be reviewed , and the valuation ceiling of the acquisition target will be very low, forcing the primary market to lower the valuation to obtain a safety cushion for mergers and acquisitions ).”
  • “1. The supply-side reform of the primary market is accelerating, and GPs and practitioners are further cleared; 2. Funds are guided to invest in early, small, new, and hard technologies; 3. Investors pay more attention to the profitability and growth of enterprises 4. The transfer of old shares and the exit of mergers and acquisitions have become more important exit methods; 5. The further decline in the return rate of funds will force GP to further reduce the valuation of companies to invest in.”
  • “For practitioners of market-oriented funds: one type is the traditional RMB fund, which will become more and more the government’s investment fund in the future. The main purpose is to complete the task of attracting investment and reinvesting. It is enough for the investment to keep the capital. The investment manager is transformed into an investment manager. And purely market-oriented The living conditions of funded GPs will become more and more difficult, and a small number of wealthy family offices may continue to survive in the future.”
  • Molecule Molecule Molecule Why does it feel like molecular-based research is everywhere
  • Li Xiang of Lixiang Talks about Organizational Reengineering – 2023 China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum



  • The annual coffee exhibition, the time spent visiting the exhibition is getting shorter every year


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