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  • In addition to home, I also want to buy a low-end dealer, and then build a studio with high ceilings and high ceilings (maybe just rent it)
  • To break away from/accelerate the evolution process of nature, we should first eliminate the selection of the central will of human beings
  • meditation. The body starts to get hot easily, and the whole body is hot, not just in one place, but it starts to be hot in about ten minutes. No wonder I like to meditate in an open or ventilated place. I have been asked to sit upright since I was a child, but I never knew how to sit upright. The slogan is wrong. The body has a very conscious instinct. If you have enough time, you will definitely find the feeling. Abdominal breathing, observe children and pets, shut your mouth, slow down, the abdomen is both strong and soft, fully controlled, reaching up to the diaphragm, another body that I have neglected to manage.
  • Each new system will enter its own complex (be yourself first, be yourself)
  • Looking at it this way, a leading technology is not actually the most stable and stable technology, but because of its leading position, all other routes are compared with it. If it cannot seize the leading position, it will be abandoned (not valued for a period of time), so that it cannot compete with the leading technology, and at the same time cannot obtain sufficient financial support. A bubble of a single technology will naturally appear.
  • Allow some simple presence, direct, fearless
  • “I don’t want to build a new Beijing anymore, I left everything in the old Beijing.”
  • Many times, there will be the illusion of memory errors, but coincidentally, the memory of the road is quite accurate, so every time I retake it, it is like traveling through time. The memory palace is like a Rubik’s cube that has been messed up. You can only find solid evidence of memory in the corners that have not been changed.
  • “The psychological counselor told her that your ego is your real general and will lead you to fight. No matter what profession you choose, your feelings are the most important, and they are higher than any profession itself.”
  • “Under the roll culture, narcissists who are good at upward management and downward bullying are more likely to become leaders. In psychology, patients with narcissistic personality disorder are divided into high-functioning narcissists (competent) and low-functioning narcissists (incompetent). Most of the good students who drive crazy are low-functioning narcissistic leaders who are flamboyant and incompetent.”
  • Eat and drink today, Burger King, LAVAZZA concentrated 2 shot+ sandwiches, a cup of Belgian wheat, Beixinqiao stewed, spicy mix, and wait for SF Express in a store called Xunbei. The walls are full of familiar album covers, and every song in the store can be sung along.
  • “Nepeta mixed with cucumber, beef, pork head meat, and preserved eggs are all excellent. Without the embellishment of Nepeta in Henan noodles, there is no soul. In any dish, Nepeta can evolve from a spice to the protagonist. The unique refreshing and spicy flavor can best appease the appetite of Henan people.”
  • Moving towards high-level and high-complexity, it naturally beautifies simplicity and purity


  • I am too much looking forward to getting returns from the investment in education, or maybe higher education does not need too much state subsidies, so who should the freedom be released to?
  • When there is a shortage of talents in various fields, you can rest assured that the right to choose freely is given to individuals. However, when there is a shortage of talents in a specific field, education subsidies cannot guarantee clear results.
  • Reduce excess investment and reduce the cost of acquiring complex/comprehensive talents, but do not pass on the pressure to achieve the goal
  • Navigate complex experiences and thrills (even if walking on eggshells)
  • So just walking, can the abdominal muscles be exhausted to such a weak point?


  • 囧, what is cave death metal, I can’t keep up
  • Matsuda Ryuhei at 0.5, Emma is amazing
  • Therefore, the exhaustion of Jiang Lang’s talents is only an illusion for the viewer. Who knows whether he has enjoyed himself in his life?
  • A city vs a generation of cities
  • For Xiaobai, the convenient method can be described as figure out
  • I was scraped while listening to the class, and I didn’t know what the problem was when I scraped it out. Anyway, there was something wrong hhh


  • The spine governs so many muscles
  • Mycopoisoning, a Human Consciousness Restructuring
  • The complexity of each city is also a kind of evolution: if it is not too complicated, it has the advantage of turning
  • Why
  • flustered party


  • Choose the city you want to build the most
  • I don’t know what kind of idiot I have
  • Consumer product companies cannot have shortcomings


  • The most terrible thing is to reduce the data set to cultivate a better AI model
  • so stupid and boring


  • Edge crashes, and hundreds of accumulated tabs are instantly cleared. This is the price of not sorting out likes, and it feels like the possibility space is much smaller all of a sudden.
  • Barbie is so full
  • I…someone with such weak legs…damn why didn’t I realize it again
  • Active Learning: Discuss, Practice, Teach to Others
  • “Strength is an important part of posture, especially core strength. Your abs and core muscles help keep your torso upright and balanced, allowing you to maintain good posture. There’s no one right way to work these muscles – you can try sit-ups or any other ab workout, including swimming, yoga, etc.”


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