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  • Subject to traversal or without traversal
  • I don’t know where the ins came from to analyze that I’m doing daily exercise recently…
  • ATHLEAN-X. Fitting Room TW – YouTube has translated a lot of videos, the content quality is too high!
  • Checked the buttocks muscles according to what others said, basically there is no strength, and the gluteal muscles have no feeling, “White grows such a big butt”
  • Some symptoms of muscle training: muscle congestion (find actions that can produce rapid metabolic stress, heavy weight + less reps); no feeling for the muscles being exercised (should first adjust the feeling and perception of the muscles); urine should not be obviously yellow It is right to go to the toilet many times, and actively increase the amount of drinking water; check the grip strength every morning to check the recovery of the body (the central system is more clear about the answer); between groups, the number of times of exhaustion decreases faster (explaining not full recovery).
  • Scientifically Proven Ways to Grow Muscle Faster (Chinese Subtitle) – YouTube


  • break order, break label, break regulation
  • The possibility space has been released, and the previous thinking is correct.
  • I don’t know if there are statistics on social career change, or relevant data
  • Correcting the forward tilt of the pelvis is mentioned in all kinds of dance basic skills hahaha, this is a comprehensive exercise
  • Correction of pelvic forward tilt, more and more postpartum repairs
  • “Many professional and amateur athletes will strengthen the pelvic floor muscle training to obtain greater athletic ability and coordination, such as golf, football, basketball, badminton and other sports.”
  • After collecting dozens of training movements, I found that aerobics/sweat dance is very valuable (but you need to follow up for a long time and keep the plan diverse)
  • The private teaching qualification certificate (national occupation) can be completed in one month
  • An article to understand ion trap quantum computers , ion trap quantum computers have the following advantages: longer coherence time (can exceed one hour); higher fidelity of single-qubit gates and double-qubit gates; more state preparation and readout Direct, initialization and readout fidelity data better than any other qubit technology; qubits are highly repeatable, all ions of a particular species and isotope are essentially identical, each ion has the same coherence time, reducing Number of calibration steps.
  • Hahaha I heard how beautiful Dayao’s father is!


  • 9198 foodie beans, I feel very rich
  • Vibrant youth is also good to watch, as well as the activities of the gods in the godless world (
  • This one-size-fits-all enrollment rate will turn teachers at all stages of pre-university education into teaching machines (refer to driving school teachers)
  • While meditating I kept reminiscing about my dream from last night…then it seemed like I fell asleep again…
  • Dream. After retrieving a recording, it took more than eight hours, but it was only more than 100 megabytes, and I repeatedly verified this point.
  • A parallel world where you have never eaten seasonal fruits
  • Relax the waist strength and erector spinae, tighten the abdomen and crotch, disperse the pressure on the spine, distribute it to the back muscles, and then you can loosen your hips and take a big step
  • Wow, walking is also tiring
  • For the first time this year, the golden passion fruit I bought was a bit small. I asked the merchant why it was so small because I bought a large fruit. He also argued that it was Qinmi No. 9, a new variety. I said I had eaten it last year, and he paused I clicked it and replied that the fruit you bought was not extra large. There should be the expression of Mr. Luo fanning his mouth here.
  • Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture


  • Meditate, talk about passive breathing, let go of control, lower your posture to the lowest position, and observe life itself quietly. The knees still hurt slightly, but the spirit easily moved to the skin, and then ten minutes passed… a little bit out of the body.
  • From social networking to productivity, start Discord with an article | Salt and Pepper Bean Sauce
  • On the Roots of Diversity
  • The planning logic of ups is still note-based planning, not excavation-style. Highlight the importance of editing.
  • “Real engagement, real communication, real conversation, rediscovering and understanding each other, growing in resolving differences, not just systems, restoring lifeworlds, communities and communities, not strategic dialogue or debate.”
  • Two kinds of dialogue. Lawyer-style dialogue (elimination of adverse evidence) vs Socratic dialogue (discussion to understand each other and explore the truth) .
  • A high school classmate graduated from graduate school today and went to work in Xinjiang
  • Old Joe, you are awesome!
  • Warrior’s Tired, Goddess’ Tired
  • “I have endured pain for many years, and now it has made me unable to live normally. God forced me to face it. For so many years of dancing on stage, I actually rely on one leg to support the whole body. All of this depends on my own willpower .I remember when I was a child, the doctor said that it was impossible for me to dance, so it is a miracle that I have been dancing for so many years. I am grateful that I can do so much. I only know that no one can decide my fate, everything depends on my own efforts, Whoever says you can’t do it, the more you have to prove to him that you can do it. Now I want to tell everyone my truest side, I am really afraid, I am afraid that I can’t dance like before.”
  • “He proved one thing: as long as the data set is clean enough, any model effect can reach the level of chatgpt.”


  • Meditation, a night full of dreams, hot and dry, obviously the brain has not yet relaxed, unable to breathe through the nose, completely lost calmness, tired of breathing, sweating all over the body after a while, much worse than the previous few days
  • The POPMART brand idea is very good, practical and pragmatic. To create a fashion sense, you have to do big things, which implies difficulty and details (similar to magic)
  • Threads is activated, but it seems that it is not connected to fedi yet
  • “You might as well start with the smallest module, instead of digging into complex and delicate methodologies, it is easiest for you to summarize the most touching points in one sentence.”
  • “From the perspective of urban people, the situation of the first generation of migrant workers (estimated to be 80 million people) is very miserable: 76.1% of migrant workers do not want to go home to rest after the age of 60, and want to continue to stay in the city to earn money, and want to work until they die .They built the city, but they don’t have any place in the city, most of them don’t have social security, or they can only get a few dozen dollars a month. They are like the naked life that Agamben said.”
  • In Bianlifeng, I met a female personal trainer in the gym downstairs. When we talked about Coco, she said that she also thought about suicide in 2019. I tried to ask while eating. I was hit, and I didn’t encounter any setbacks in my life. I felt that the future was gloomy. The turning point was a taunt from my friends in Northeast China, saying that there were people who were hurt far more than her. Finally, I saw and accepted that I was just an ordinary person. Although there were occasional resentments later on, after coming back, my mentality changed a lot, and I became sensitive and easy to be happy.
  • Beat ChatGPT? OpenChat dominates the Stanford AlpacaEval open source list, with a performance of 105.7% Vicuna


  • “When you feel too busy to rest, that’s when you most need to find time to rest.”
  • “You don’t need the world to understand you. That’s ok. Some people will never really understand what they haven’t been through, but some will. Be grateful to those who understand you.”
  • It’s true that it’s easier to build relationships and connect with people who have let go of themselves.
  • Meditation, today the diaphragm and upper abdomen are obviously very tense. After a few rounds of rhythmic breathing, I can’t keep up with the rhythm (mainly because my deep breathing can be four beats longer than the course explanation…), but I feel that the front abdominal muscles dominate the breathing The feeling, this is the original usage, the even force of the back is much more natural, another discovery is the difference between the force and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles in the sitting position, and it is indeed the wrong force of the iliopsoas muscle and the whole muscle. After exerting force, the knee is completely unstressed, and it is obviously relaxed a lot
  • It seems to sense where the hip opening is opening…
  • Cancel the previous voting choice, Threads should not be connected to Fedi, the greasy index is too high, blocking users will get tenosynovitis
  • Middle age is indeed beneficial. You can meet the ancients (old people) and the newcomers (the younger generation), and there is a relatively balanced distribution between the two. Unverified information and self-experience have accumulated a lot. What should be changed and what should be changed give up, become clear
  • Of course, it’s also possible that I’m dull and don’t listen to advice, and many processes are delayed
  • “The Now Is Infinity”
  • The high-speed rail station in summer vacation is terrible…and, thinking of the news this morning, 4,700 cases of new crown were diagnosed in Beijing last week
  • The uncle next to me is watching Sister Lang 3
  • rational education
  • The summer high-speed rail is terrible…  
  • On the train to Qingdao, I don’t know why the passengers are running to check the tickets…
  • I have to keep practicing walking


  • Small universe I love my family special topic, I feel like I have to pay to listen to it for the first time
  • Tongrentang Huoxiang Zhengqi Water is so refreshing…
  • “An executive at GE Financial Group once told me some theories he had come up with in planning mergers and acquisitions. He believed that the significance of strategic planning is not to predict the future, but a learning exercise that enables people to prepare for uncertainties. Prepare for the future .”
  • “For most businesses, this shift in perspective means a reinvention of the strategic planning process. Much of the process is focused on creating and making decisions rather than learning.
  • The brain is actively storing all possibilities
  • So what machine learning replaces is the existence value of some companies/organizations?


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