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  • It is currently the only feasible route to implement local projects (in line with local industry orientation).
  • Recently, it seems that there is a discount on credit card installment, and I always receive calls, so I sold two credit cards
  • As soon as I went out, my brain was buzzing with heat and fog.
  • Fusion of breath and mind
  • China Merchants Bank’s special installment card, when I canceled the card, I told me that I can’t reissue it in the future. I accidentally ordered the installment card payment for a purchase of 200 yuan, and I deducted 5 yuan every month. When I canceled the card, I had to pay an extra 10 yuan in advance. Liquidated damages for repayment.


  • “Hunan has become a strong province for fines, and Hunan accounts for eight of the top 50 in the country. You can imagine how bad the business environment in Hunan is.” There are also quite a few of us in Liaoning, accounting for six, Guangxi six, and Sichuan Five, five in Inner Mongolia, three in Heilongjiang, four in Hebei, four in Guizhou, and three in Shandong. “The average value of confiscated income from 2019 to 2021 is highest in Liaoning, Guangxi, and Heilongjiang, with a value greater than 7%.” Faster growth.”


  • 2333 It’s been a long time since I ordered so many likes
  • Dream. Accidental fall from the top of the competition, internal organs prolapsed, the neck was wrapped by a cable, and it stopped when it was close to the ground, but the impact was still very large; the hematoma on the mouth was huge, and it caught up with the high-temperature object on the surface, exploded, and the head was dizzy , plus staggered, fell to the ground, punctured by an unknown object in the back of the head, and died; at the wedding scene, he refused to take the oath, fled, and someone chased him out…
  • Sophistry seems to be relatively normal. Seeking truth from facts and facing reality instead becomes abnormal
  • Descriptions of pain and suffering, always precise and succinct
  • Because everyone’s vocabulary is very different.


  • On a rainy night, the air conditioner is still not working
  • Fuck Suede is coming to Aranya
  • “Using AI to help us write news, but do we need to read so much news?”
  • “How to stop time: kiss; how to travel through time: read; how to escape time: music; how to feel time: write; how to release time: breathe.”
  • “Dry burning is a cooking method, that is, after the main ingredients are deep-fried, they are cooked in a pot with seasoning ingredients and soup. The purpose is to cook the main ingredients on a low fire to make the soup soak into the main ingredients or evaporate, and the finished dishes There is only bright oil in it but no soup.”
  • I’ve been printing a lot of money lately, right?
  • The analysis of GA4 is not so good.
  • body confidence
  • Both body and brain need “good/proper” initialization


  • Give priority to judging who is or has the ability to promote things, has a result-oriented awareness, is diligent, is not afraid of trouble, and does not shirk.
  • I like the stuffed skin to be well standardized, and the taste is not bad.


  • Dream. Just remember the last starfall, the intense pale of doom, and it all happens in the head.
  • Yesterday’s dream was so good that I don’t know how to record it. It was very peaceful and grand, but also very small and peaceful.


  • Being drained -> watching variety shows -> sleeping -> dreaming -> meditating -> going to work -> being drained
  • I worry and I push don’t mean the same thing…
  • The breathing pattern of children is very different, the breath is too full…
  • Shocked by Central Plains food
  • I was shocked last time in Luoyang

primary market

  • Head-oriented management, strict supervision, large-scale fundraising, institutionalized behavior, and guided investment.
  • The primary market where our VC is located has also been greatly impacted. On the one hand, there are fewer and fewer good investable properties, and the market lacks systematic investment themes, and investors have become very confused; on the other hand, fundraising seems to have entered an endless loop, and GPs are all under the shackles of investment and return investment. The entire VC industry is facing a major reshuffle.
  • In the next period of time, China’s VC market will completely enter the unilateral investment market dominated by RMB. Accompanied by the readjustment of the valuation of primary market projects, investment themes will become more disordered (to put it nicely, it is called diversification of narrative themes, and to put it bluntly, it is called no narrative main line).
  • Many investors look at projects mechanically like brushing questions. Although the information coverage is in place, insights into the track and projects have not been established. Everyone tends to follow the trading atmosphere to invest. Gradually, from the beginning of the project establishment, the investment becomes a random pattern.
  • In many cases, GPs go to LPs to raise funds with projects, only to find that they have entered the channel carefully prepared by LPs. Gradually, the government’s business-returning investment culture has gradually integrated into the trading atmosphere. Everything has become so weird, but after careful inspection, everything feels so smooth, and everything that exists is reasonable. When the sense of existence and value of GP decreases, fundraising will become more difficult, and this will enter a vicious circle. After experiencing wild growth and disorderly expansion in the past few years, China’s primary market is about to usher in an important industry reshuffle.

“Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned”

  • The novelty search algorithm does not presuppose specific goals, but it is guided by values, and this value is novelty and interesting. As long as you take novel and more interesting directions each time, you won’t be ordinary.
  • When your intuition tells you something important is going to happen, not only can you believe it, but you should believe it. Even if you can’t explain it, you don’t need to rack your brains to make up a reason to justify your every little whim. In any case, this attitude is more beneficial to the human community as a whole.
  • In other words, no matter how tempting and convincing it may seem, a distant and grand goal cannot guide you to it. Ambitious goals are themselves the most unreliable compass.
  • Many people do achieve their goal of becoming rich, not because they dreamed of being rich, but because they pursued their passion, and this relentless pursuit happened to bring great material rewards.
  • From the point of view of avoiding deceptive goals, the appeal of this peer-driven evaluation method is that the object or standard that teachers and schools compare with is no longer “we hope they can achieve a certain level and height (this is caught in the target’s deceptive trap)”, but rather “assessed based on their current status (this is the treasure hunter’s philosophy)”. Most importantly, in this way, the entire education system is like a treasure hunter because it will be completely focused on spreading new educational ideas around.
  • To want to be successful, don’t aim for it; just do what you love and believe in, and success will come naturally.
  • Competition, however, is perhaps the least interesting branch of the evolutionary drive because it tends to limit the variety with which species can develop. Unlike the discovery of new ecological niches and the accumulation of different ways of living, competition is not a purely creative force. It’s more of an abrasive force, a continuous optimization of a species within a particular niche, or a species in a restrictive way, across niches…
  • The problem with competition is that it introduces the concept of goal pressure in order to make organisms better fit, but as we have seen this can lead to convergence and deception of goals. In other words, evolution itself is creative, but it allows competition, but it is definitely not evolution because of competition.
  • To recap, AI is the search for search algorithms, or metasearch. So, given the nature of its metasearch, it might not be a good idea to always dismiss new ideas because they don’t perform well enough.


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