Traffic Accident II

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“Would you like to take this bus?”

“Hello, yes.”

“That requires you to sign a “Traffic Accident Disclaimer Consent” here, otherwise we have the right to refuse you to take the bus.”

“Ah? What do you mean? What is this consent form for?”

“It means that if you take this bus, if there is a traffic accident, it is not directly related to us. The root cause of personal injury is the traffic accident, not us, and the traffic accident is not what we expected to happen, so It must not have been made by us.”

“Do I have to sign? I’m on your bus. Am I responsible for an accident while you’re driving?”

Someone in the bus compartment yelled, “Will you be in a fucking car? Sign up and stop so much nonsense, we’re still in a hurry!”

Then, more and more people shouted, “Get out of the car if you don’t sign, don’t delay us!”

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