U.S. stocks on Tuesday: The three major stock indexes were mixed, Apple rose more than 1%, Weilai fell more than 3%

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On Tuesday, U.S. time, major U.S. stock indexes closed mixed, with the Dow up more than 100 points for the third day in a row. Investors focused on the latest batch of corporate earnings reports that reflected a gloomy outlook that could signal a looming recession.

The Dow Jones index closed at 33733.96 points, up 104.40 points, or 0.31%; the S&P 500 index closed at 4016.95 points, down 0.07%; the Nasdaq index closed at 11334.27 points, down 0.27%.

Most of the large technology stocks fell, Apple and Netflix rose, and both rose by more than 1%; Google fell by nearly 2%, and the US Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against it, accusing it of illegally monopolizing the digital advertising business.

Most of the leading chip stocks fell, while Nvidia and Broadcom rose, but neither rose by more than 1%.

Most of the popular new energy vehicle stocks fell, Tesla rose 0.10%; Rivian fell 0.28%, Faraday Future rose 1.79%; Weilai fell 3.15%, Xiaopeng fell 4.06%; ideal fell 0.89%.

Among the leading e-commerce stocks in China, Alibaba fell 0.08%, JD.com rose 0.92%, and Pinduoduo rose 1.06%.

Among other popular Chinese concept stocks , Ctrip rose 1.58%, New Oriental rose 1.38%, Manbang fell 6.16%, Baidu fell 2.60%, Zhihu fell 2.33%, Bilibili fell 2.06%, Autohome fell 0.35%, BOSS Zhipin fell 0.32%.

Specifically, the major technology stocks in the US stock market performed as follows:


The major chip stocks in the US stock market performed as follows:


The performance of popular Chinese stocks listed in the United States is as follows:


In the previous two trading days, in the case of intensive earnings season releases, US stocks struggled to achieve two days of gains. With technology stocks under pressure, the focus turned to Microsoft and Texas Instruments, which are due to report earnings after the market close on Tuesday, U.S. time.

Brad Conger, deputy chief investment officer at investment firm Hirtle Callaghan & Co, said he was nervous or cautious about the earnings prospects of tech companies such as Microsoft and Alphabet as they announced layoffs amid an industry-wide downturn . But he also believes the companies will have to do more to have a significant impact on their cost bases.

“The market will be tested this week and next week,” said Quincy Krosby, chief global strategist at investment bank LPL Financial. She said the tone of the earnings outlook section was key. Overwhelmingly negative or neutral? The market is focused on that.”

As of Tuesday, U.S. time, the three major U.S. stock indexes have all risen this year. Investors are increasingly convinced that the Fed will further slow the pace of rate hikes as U.S. inflation moderates and economic indicators weaken. Investors have been hoping that a less hawkish Federal Reserve would help the U.S. economy avoid a hard landing and support corporate earnings. But investors are also worried that a hard-landing recession could be coming, which is why fourth-quarter earnings and the outlook can be a way of predicting what might happen in the future.

Bill Adams, chief economist at Comerica Bank, said: “The (U.S.) economy is still likely to avoid a recession. Winter is halfway through, there are no energy shortages, and the Chinese economy is reopening and will accelerate. , Mortgage rates have also eased from their peaks last fall. But many of the financial and economic indicators that economists use to predict turning points in the business cycle suggest that a recession is still likely in the near term.” (Liu Chun)


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