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Recently, because of family admissions and changes in work. I was depressed for a full month, my heart was bleeding every day, I wanted to cry but couldn’t. Only two times when I was chatting with my husband over dinner, I couldn’t help but burst into tears.
In fact, the situation is getting better day by day, and I have persuaded myself to accept the changes in the new environment, and I also try to cooperate with it in action. But still emotionally brooding.
I changed departments a month ago, and now my new job has become very entrenched. The Mid-Autumn Festival is off for three days, and I have to get up at 10:30 every morning to answer my emails. Always keep an eye out for any emergencies in the work group.
The so-called rest is not a complete rest.
When the work is very tiring, I occasionally have the idea of ​​changing jobs. But when you stop and think seriously, forget it. Although the general environment is not good now, the unit has benefited from the dividends of the epidemic. In the past two years, wages, bonuses, benefits, etc. have been considerable. Also get along well with colleagues.

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