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Recently the state is very bad,

Hit the car yesterday morning,

just downhill where,

It’s still the same right headlight.

This time the paint peeling was more serious.

The cover of the daytime running lights below has been knocked off.

Fortunately, the headlight shade was only scratched and not broken.

I was told again when I went home at night,

I saw medical adhesive tape on the tricycle,

Mom went for an infusion again.

But there is nothing I can do.

There’s been a lot going on these two days.

The day before yesterday, he went to the hospital to see his father,

Mom also left 600 fast,

We both suffer physically,

It was me in the first place,

Then she had a stomachache,

After that my stomach hurts,

Lost money, bumped car.

Alas, be careful.

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