Walking in Akihabara and youth pig head boy ramen

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On July 8, 2023, the weather was cloudy, and it was another day to visit Akihabara.

This trip to Akihabara has two main purposes, one is to see the art exhibition of てぃんくる, and the other is to eat the linkage ramen of the youth pig head boy, and get a membership card of the maid cafe by the way.


The first stop is the てぃんくる art exhibition that I booked a long time ago.

Because filming is prohibited in the art exhibition, the content of the official Twitter is directly reposted.





てぃんくる is an artist I have liked very much since junior high school, so I made an appointment directly when I saw an art exhibition this time.

A painting can be as cheap as 350,000 yen and as expensive as 1.4 million yen.

Although I really want to buy it, but there is no place to put it is a big problem (of course the price is also), hahaha.





Then I took a look at the few shops I passed by on the way.

Next is the point!


Linkage ramen!

This signboard was put up because everyone didn’t know that there was Mai-senpai here!

In fact, this company has also linked up with this series of animations before, and this time it released a new theatrical version, so it will be linked again. I guess it will be linked again when the new theatrical version is released in winter.

In addition, the linkage participation methods of their family are so confusing. Here, I also want to thank the big brothers in the same industry for their help and consultation to know the process.

There are two entrances to their house, one is the queue entrance for ordinary customers, and the other is the entrance for linked customers through the side door.

The first thing is to buy a coupon from any entrance to the ticket vending machine on the first floor of the store, then hand it over to the clerk and then go back to the side door to queue.

The first time I went, there was no line at the side door, only the front door (but now it seems that there was a group at the time of taking pictures, and we had already entered when we queued up), and there was a takeaway written on the window of the side door, who knows? Hello!



After a round of waiting, I came to the store. The store is divided into 2 floors, and each floor is covered with series-related peripherals.

However, the 1st floor is very hard-core, there is no air-conditioning in summer, and the heat dissipation is basically by the windows…

Fortunately, the 2nd floor is fully air-conditioned!


Then there is the main character ramen.

A ramen is more than 1,300 yen.

The meat in the noodles is very sufficient, and the noodles are thick and chewy.

The soup base is salty and heavy. You can even see a few carefully selected pieces of fat! It can be said that it is good news for lovers of heavy oil! Calorie explosion!

But overall it belongs to the category of delicious for me.

Finally, there is the spoils section this time.


Art Exhibition Reservation Bonus


Ramen Special Postcard


When I passed by and saw the good-looking quintiles, I bought them!

A sticker with a coupon will be given for orders over 3,000, and a 10% discount will be given for orders over 10,000 yen.


And another purpose this time is to get a membership card for maid coffee.

Because the linkage of this maid coffee is preferred, and after becoming a member, you can make an appointment in the future, saving a lot of time.

The membership fee is 3,000 yen/year, and a 3,000-yen meal voucher is given, which can actually be said to be free.

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