Weekly 2023-05-08

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Just after May Day, I went to work again after a 9-day break. I went back to my parents in Guangzhou last week, but unfortunately, my mother went back to her hometown to deal with some things, so only my father was there. Back in the past few days, basically only Saturday is the whole day at home, and the rest of the time I go out to meet friends and former colleagues.


time matter
04-29 Saturday Flying back to Guangzhou, but the plane was delayed by 2 hours and arrived home in the early morning
04-30 Sunday Go to a friend’s house to play during the day
05-01 Monday Stayed for one night and went home the next afternoon
05-02 Tuesday meet former colleagues
05-03 Wednesday Go to the Firefly Comic Exhibition and meet your ex-colleagues
05-04 Thursday see previous tweets
05-05 Friday Go to Chimelong Water Park to play in the water
05-06 Saturday stay at home for a full day
05-07 Sunday Flying back to the imperial capital, the plane was delayed by nearly 3 hours


After returning to Guangzhou last week, I didn’t have much motivation to study until I went to Tuiyou’s home and couldn’t get in touch. After waiting for an hour, I could only do the questions in Duolingo.
In addition, the winning streak has reached 99 today (

to develop

Since the chat demo has been abused and the gpt4 api has been applied for, but the cost is too expensive, all users are disabled. And the database has been migrated to the free supabase, although the free 500M space has already used 100+M.
In addition, consider developing the chat background system to visually manage users and prompts, and to view API usage.


Last week, I mainly went to a friend’s house to pet cats. After two years, I went to the Firefly Comic Exhibition and went to Chimelong Water Park. I took some photos.

cute cat
suburban night
Oriental ancient Mingdi love
The heat of the house dance rubbing against my fader is too ruthless
Few people after May Day

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