Weekly Issue 2023-03-26

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Article link to titleTechnology link to titleTracking the Fake GitHub Star Black Market with Dagster, dbt and BigQuery | Dagster Blog
How to identify projects with false stars in [[github]].
As expected by a misconfigured subnet mask | Kawabangar!
[[Subnet Mask]] Misconfiguration may occur. In the computer room, we often encounter similar configuration errors.
Breaking through the difficulties: the difference between Docker image and container and the best practice of building | MoeLove
Best practices for [[container]] images. The section that mentions package management needs to be used with caution.
37signals Dev — De-cloud and de-k8s — bringing our apps back home
[[37Signals]] migrated services from [[public cloud]] and [[kubernetes]] to the previously open source [[mask]] tool.
We updated our RSA SSH host key | The GitHub Blog
[[github]] made a corresponding update because it leaked its private key briefly.
How to efficiently collaborate on development: some Google practices In the three years at Google, the project manager of our team has always had a relatively low presence for engineers, and the project manager will not interfere too much with personal work plans. Each engineer is equivalent to his own project manager, and engineers will communicate with each other on priorities to reach consensus and compromise. The advantage of this is that the workload is small but the things that block other people will be completed quickly; the people who actually do things communicate in professional language, without the need for a third party to communicate, and it is not easy to cause misunderstandings; some important but not urgent things , such as refactoring and technical debt repayment, can also be promoted by engineers interspersed in their daily work.

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