Weekly Report #05 – Batteries, dynamic blogs or static blogs?

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周报 #05 - 换电池、动态博客还是静态博客? - 第1张图片

Change battery

I purchased an Honor 30 Pro in August 2020, and it has been three years since then. After upgrading HarmonyOS, you can check the battery health. Before I replaced the battery, the battery health was 84%. The official recommendation is to replace the battery when it is below 85%. Today I went to the only officially authorized service center in Jiujiang to replace the battery.

周报 #05 - 换电池、动态博客还是静态博客? - 第2张图片

On October 4, I made an appointment for battery replacement service on the “Service” App, and a staff member called me later to confirm the situation. The battery capacity of the mobile phone is 4000mAh, with a health level of 84%. It is currently just over 3300mAh. Even with 40W fast charging, it cannot withstand charging 2-3 times a day. It does not matter at home or in the dormitory, but it is inconvenient to go out. After replacing the battery this time, I think it can last for one charge a day.

The appointment time is 11:00-12:00. I arrived at the store before 11 o’clock. There were quite a lot of people. I first printed the appointment form under the guidance of the staff, and then sat aside and waited for my number to be called. There are 4 windows in total. I don’t remember the specific names. They probably introduce maintenance services to users, and then send your phone to the next room where engineers will perform repairs. When she arrived at me, she confirmed the maintenance status with me. After confirming that the battery needed to be replaced, she asked if I needed a backup machine. The repair took about 1 hour. Then she gave me an Honor V30 as a backup machine and printed a pick-up order. , you can pick up the machine after the repair is completed.

周报 #05 - 换电池、动态博客还是静态博客? - 第3张图片

I was waiting next to me with my spare phone, and found that there was a fast-charging data cable on the seat. I could just plug my phone in and charge it, which was quite convenient. However, this backup machine was terrible, with severe screen burn-in and severe broken back cover. Fortunately, the system was very smooth. I logged into WeChat and responded to messages and watched videos for a while, and within an hour it reminded me that the repair was complete.

Since today is also Huawei’s service day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the first week of every month), you can enjoy free film service once a year, but it depends on whether the specific store supports it. After I got the phone, I let it work The staff replaced me with a protective film. Maybe it was because it was troublesome to apply the film on the curved screen. It took three different films to apply it to me. The other party repeatedly apologized for wasting my time, but I didn’t care. It took them two films to apply it to me, which made me a little embarrassed. After applying the film, the phone looks brand new.

周报 #05 - 换电池、动态博客还是静态博客? - 第4张图片

The final payment was 129 yuan and the old battery was given to me. The battery health on the phone has also returned to 100%. The staff reminded me that I need to recharge 3-5 times. During this period, the power may be consumed quickly. After 3-5 normal charges and power consumption, it will return to normal. There is also a 90-day nationwide warranty. If there is a problem due to battery replacement, you can go directly for after-sales maintenance.

I have used the mobile phone for 3 years, and my goal is to use it for another 2-3 years. Because it was quite expensive when I bought it, I feel more comfortable if I use it for two more years. The Honor 30 series will soon support the update of HarmonyOS 4.0. I have experienced my girlfriend’s nova 6 and the system is very smooth and stable.

Dynamic blog or static blog?

There was another wave of discussion in the WeChat group, this time about whether Xiaobai should use dynamic blogs or static blogs. It originated from Da Wei ‘s troubles. He installed WordPress on Tencent Cloud’s server and registered a domain name for 10 years. However, the blog has been showing failure to connect to the database recently. It may be that it has been scanned, or it may have been hacked. He also There was no solution, so the group of friends suggested changing to a static blog to save the trouble of maintaining the server.

I wrote a previous article ” How to recommend blogging and note-taking apps to others?” The suggestions in ” are from simple to complex, but I think static blogs belong to the complex category, and dynamic blogs are simpler for novices. I can’t explain it myself, so I’ll just post it in the group discussion.

For Han Yu ’s point of view, you can directly read his latest article ” Why Newbies Should Use Static Blogs “, but the interesting thing is that he was convinced by us in the end.


  1. Theoretically, dynamic blogging is indeed more complicated than static blogging, but let’s assume that for a newbie who doesn’t know anything, the difficulty of choosing between dynamic blogging and static blogging is actually no different;
  2. Based on this basis, we assume that a novice (who has the habit of writing articles) wants to establish an independent blog. I think the best way is to use a server provider that provides basic WordPress deployment services (or other similar environments) to obtain the minimum Knowledge (basic domain name, server knowledge and backup habits), the fastest way to start writing articles
  3. This mode establishes a dynamic blog, which does not involve knowledge of Github, OSS, terminal commands, Nginx, etc., and is more friendly to novices.

In fact, the points you mentioned all have practical solutions:

  1. The difficulty of dynamics exists objectively, but the development of dynamic blogs is quite mature. Whether it is commercialization or customization, there is a mature solution to complete it. Novices can avoid most of the problems you mentioned;
  2. Even if there is a problem, as other group members said, it is the responsibility of the service provider to solve the problem. From my personal experience, Lao Xue helped me solve at least 10 technical problems;
  3. The process of changing the static threshold from 0 to getting started is definitely not the simplest solution for a novice, and it is relatively immature. The additional knowledge required to solve the problems encountered increases exponentially. From my personal experience (and Xiao Hu’s), I have encountered seven or eight problems in the process of using Quartz. I don’t know how much effort I spent, but in the end I still haven’t solved them…

@ 1900 Just give an example. For example, using a static blog requires more learning and the learning cost is higher.

Dynamic blogs are all ready-made commercial products and do not involve customization. It is the easiest to get started. Static blogging requires more learning.

  1. Markdown
  2. git
  3. terminal
  4. npm
  5. deploy
  6. scientific file structure

Han Yu still wants to fight again:

The reason why my ideas are different from yours is because the static threshold you call is fixed and unchanging, and there are countless tutorials.
Just learn it like a fool or memorize it by rote.

Just like when you were in school learning English grammar.

The difficulty of dynamic blogging is to use countless components and cooperation to lower the threshold for your use. However, the installation, initialization, and environment thresholds are definitely higher than those for static blogs. That’s another story.
The biggest problem lies in runtime. There are various problems during runtime, many of which you cannot find. It is difficult to fully control exceptions.

Group friends also mentioned that if a problem occurs using a static blog, the cost and difficulty of solving it are definitely higher than that of a dynamic blog. If you insist on using a static blog, it is best to use a static website hosting service, such as BearBlog and Gridea, which provide hosting services. You only need to pay and leave any problems to professional after-sales technicians to solve them. The same is true for dynamic blogs. We use virtual hosts and VPS. Once a problem occurs, we can directly submit a work order or have staff remotely assist in maintenance. But what should you do if a problem occurs with the static blog you deployed yourself? Those who understand this aspect can check and solve it by themselves, while those who don’t understand need to search for information or ask for help.

I still proudly use WordPress, even though I discovered a great Typecho theme two days ago.

Interesting things and things

  • From October 2nd to October 4th, my girlfriend came to Pingxiang. We ate Pingxiang’s specialties Lotus Blood Duck and Pingxiang Fried Rice Noodles. We also went to Nanzheng Street and Pingxiang Museum. For details, you can read my travel notes. ” The Light of Zhaoping: Pingxiang Museum “.
  • Android Easter Eggs : Someone compiled the Easter eggs of each official version of Android and made it into a software. I accidentally discovered Easter eggs when I was using an Android phone. I thought it was quite interesting at the time.
  • On October 6, I accidentally discovered a website that, under the guise of “grabbing good content and rich resources,” copied the full text to its own site without the author’s consent. I complained on Twitter .
  • On October 6th, I realized in hindsight that when traveling to a certain place or visiting a museum, the scenery and objects are the most important, and we among them are just the foil of history and nature.
  • Edge : I think this is a very good website. It collects articles, conversations, audios, and videos from some of the world’s most powerful contemporary thinkers, covering areas such as life, the universe, culture, and technology. It’s great to use with the immersive translation plug-in.
  • On October 7th, I was lying in bed last night, feeling very annoyed and unable to sleep, so I tried to sort out the things that bothered me and listed them one by one. I found that the thing that bothered me the most was my graduation thesis. Sure enough, sorting out and listing your worries is an effective way to alleviate them, so that you won’t be at a loss without a clue. Sometimes the most annoying thing is that we don’t know why we are troubled. The most important thing is to recognize the trouble.
  • On October 7, I launched a small newsboy column called ” Young People’s First Blogging Manual “. I planned to write a little bit about blogging, from getting started to giving up… Even one piece of content has not been updated, and there are 4 people. Subscribe and be flattered and horrified.
  • On October 8, I saw this article introducing the use of DALL-E 3 in IT House, and found the original author’s tweet . According to the method he introduced, I used ChatGPT and DALL-E 3 to generate several pictures. good results. For specific pictures, you can check my tweets or instant updates.

The content of this week is the above. I hope to review my every week in a relaxed and calm way. I also hope that friends who subscribe to the blog will calmly read my sharing and continue to love their lives. Life is not just nonsense.

The background image comes from a photo I took of the buildings on Nanzheng Street in Pingxiang.

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