Weekly Report 2023-04-16

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This week I decided to go back to Guangzhou on May 1st. Maybe I can have dinner with my friends. It feels like I haven’t seen you for almost two years. It seems that there are really a lot of people traveling on May Day, and high-speed rail tickets are really hard to buy, so I bought air tickets, although I am not satisfied with the time.

python mountain

to develop

Since the credit card was blocked last weekend, there is no motivation to continue to try gpt-related tool development this week, and it seems that it will be in a wild period in the short term, and its priority will not be the highest.


Well, this week is not that crazy, because it is too much. Last week, I felt a lot when I got 6k+, but this time the first place is 13k+. Maybe they really don’t have to go to work? In any case, it’s still diamond level.
Level Leaderboard


A video taken at the top of the mountain

some other photos

big buddha
Ming Tombs Reservoir
Another photo taken on the mountainside
The tower on the top of the mountain, the one in the background of the big Buddha is photographed on it
Clear blue sky with two planes flying by
Walked a wild mountain road down the mountain
unknown flower


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