Weekly Report 2023-04-23

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This week’s weekly report is a day late, because of the headache and inflammation these two days, I suspect that it is already Double Ninth Festival, but I haven’t tested it yet. Anyway, there are already two in the company.

radio and television tower

to develop

There were a lot of things going on in the company last week. I haven’t looked at the web chat transformation and langchain. I still want to take some time to look at it this week. I will go back to Guangzhou next Friday, maybe I can exchange some ideas about gpt applications with my friends there.

The previously designed strongly typed data query API was complained by the group that it was too complicated, and I thought of the threshold for using the technology, so I also want to talk about it.
In a community project, the pgsql database needs to be used, so a nodejs orm needs to be selected. Before choosing, I did a brief investigation and found 3 orms, which are

  • sequelize
  • prisma
  • typeorm

Finally chose sequelize, why?

First check npmtrends to see the downloads, and found that sequelize has the most downloads, but it hardly grows anymore. So I went to see the fastest growing prisma first.

First, prisma’s really strong typing support is nice, but it uses a DSL that introduces additional complexity. Unlike traditional npm packages, it can be used directly after pnpm install. But you must also get familiar with its DSL, which makes us not consider continuing to use it. typeorm was abandoned immediately after seeing the way the decorator was written. After all, this feature is still not stable after so many years of stage, and there are already several different specifications, which is very annoying.

So currently the only option is sequelize.

Select limb

  1. Go to npmtrends and find 3 orm
  2. After reading the reviews, I like strong types and choose prisma
  3. Don’t like DSL, try typeorm
  4. Don’t like decorators, choose sequelize

The technical design balance is really difficult to grasp. If you want strong typing, it will become complicated to use, but anyscript is the other extreme. There are too many ready-made examples, such as

Simple complex
react-router react-navigation
vite webpack
golang rust

Maybe the way to get better is to learn more excellent open source projects


Duolingo almost fell down, forgot to play for the first time in more than 80 days, and spent half an hour on Sunday to barely maintain the diamond level.


I went to Yuyuantan with my colleagues this week. Since I went too early, I couldn’t even find any merchants selling hot drinks. It wasn’t until 9:30 that I found a merchant to buy hot dogs and milk tea to warm my body. Since most of the cherry blossoms have already faded, there are not many people in the park, much less than the Beihai Park I went to before. In contrast, the Jingshan Park that another colleague went to on the same day was very crowded because it was in the blooming period of peonies. After separating from my colleagues, I also stopped by the China Millennium Monument next to it. There are free and paid art exhibitions inside, and the building outside is very suitable for taking pictures.

Five-Arch Bridge

The bottom is full of flowers, all kinds, I seem to prefer blue and purple tweed

Pretty flowers, but not sure what, maybe sakura?
dying cherry blossoms
roadside wildflowers
3D painting
China Millennium Monument Vision
Close view of China Millennium Monument
The radio station next to it finally captured the top

There are 3 episodes this week

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