When the fund suffers a hard loss, look less at the fund that is well controlled by the retracement

The market is not good, and the loss is uncomfortable. Recently, the attention of the fund that has been controlled by the retracement has come up again. However, at this point in time, it is enough to take a second look, and the attention should not be on these funds.

Control the withdrawal and then consecrate the gods

The market is not good and the fund returns are ugly. At this time, there will be funds that have fallen less, and these funds that have achieved success in drawdown control will be consecrated.

Short-term returns are more prominent, and it is always the easiest way for a fund to “get ahead”. It’s just that when there are positive returns, the attention is higher, and when the returns are negative, the attention is lower because the market sentiment is not high.

Recently, there have been many funds of various types, including stock-based, partial-share mixed, equity-debt-balanced, “fixed income +”, etc., because they have fallen less and more attention has surged. Among them are the funds in the Lemon Jun Fund Pool and other products managed by the funds, such as Dong Chen’s $Huatai Bai Rui Fuli Mixed A(F004475)$ , Huatai Bai Rui Dingli, Chen Xiaolu ICBC National Strategy, Mo Hai Bo’s $10,000 Selection Mix (F005094)$ , Feng Hanjie’s China-Canada Transformation Power, Zeng Wanyun’s $Yongying Huajia Credit Bond C (F014167)$ .

It’s not surprising that these people can shine when they’re down, that’s how they are.

better watch it

At this point in time, it is in line with human nature to pay attention to these funds and fund managers with excellent drawdown control. The vast majority of people are really at a loss to realize the advantage of “resisting beatings”, and they must have experience and lessons before they can obtain the true scriptures.

Lemon Jun also has a lot of experience and lessons, so he usually pays attention to these funds and fund managers. There are many such products in the fund pool. The performance of these products during this period did not deviate from Lemon Jun’s expectations, and the overall performance was still very good.

However, investment is always oriented towards the future . At this time, it doesn’t make much sense to focus on the research of these funds. Which funds are “anti-beating” to study at a low level? Investing in funds is to make money, so you should be active when it is low.

When the market valuation is reasonable or high, there is no problem in researching these funds, or if you plan to invest for a long time and cross the bulls and bears, it is no problem to pay attention to these funds. Otherwise, it is in a big cycle, chasing up and down.

Investing is inhumane

Most people invest in “one end” and “one end”. When they think about it, they are one. They are greatly affected by emotions and make more emotional decisions. In investment, inverse human nature is very important for the improvement of income. . Be truthful and not be led away by emotions, and the long-term investment returns are not bad.

There is a word called “preparing for a rainy day”. When it doesn’t rain, you have to be prepared for the rain, but when it rains, you need to plan for “the rain will pass.” Investment is oriented towards the future. Be prepared for the future. At this time, you should see more products with a positive style, and these products with good drawdown control may be reserved for the next market adjustment.

Take Jiang Cheng, who is more familiar to everyone, as an example. From March to April, many people bought his Zhongtai Xingyuan and Zhongtai Yuheng because of his “resistance to beating”. As a result, the rebound for several months was not fruitful. Recently, “resisting beating” has become more apparent. Get out of him. However, it is obviously not a good time to invest in such a product after the market has adjusted sharply. And it may be a good time to wait until a month or two ago, when his short-term performance ranking of his products is close to the bottom.

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