Which Web3 tracks will lead the next bull market?

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With the deterioration of the general environment, after a roller coaster ride in the encryption field, we seem to have come to the bottom or near the bottom. Is it a “scam” again? Hopeless?

The vernacular editor took a look at the backstage. As a media that has been fighting on the front line of blockchain and Web3 encryption science all the year round, we still maintain a positive growth . In fact, the VC financing and conference activities of various projects in the circle are still in full swing, which is in stark contrast to the lackluster situation. At least it shows that both institutions and encryption enthusiasts are still full of confidence in the future of Web3.

The most important thing at the moment, apart from cheering up, is to calm down and learn and ambush those Web3 tracks that may advance in the next round of the bull market. Let’s choose these tracks worthy of attention:

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