Why do some people like to describe dirty things?


Recently, there has been some controversy about “poetry poetry”. Many people are dissatisfied with the inclusion of these dirty things in poetry, thinking that the author’s taste is low and it has blasphemed literature, and I am sorry for the majority of readers. I think people’s reaction is justified. All normal people instinctively like true, good and beautiful things, and have an intuitive dislike and rejection of false, evil and ugly things. A certain degree of social and moral restraint is an aesthetic convention that everyone abides by. To a certain extent, it can even be said that this is people’s aesthetic instinct.

Although the formation of this aesthetic instinct has the effect of moral restraint, you cannot think that it is the result of moral restraint. In the history of human spiritual development, the formation of aesthetic instinct actually came earlier than moral consciousness. Relatively speaking, it is even older. We can even say that it originated from the most primitive human nature. In the process of evolution, human beings have become more and more distinct from animals, and gradually become perfect, no matter the body or the mind. Compared with today, the ancients wrote the “Book of Songs”, should it be less socially and morally imprisoned? Even so, can you find descriptions of dirty things like feces and urine in “Wind”, “Ya”, “Ode”? not found. On the contrary, the works appearing in the “Book of Songs” all follow the tenet that Confucius summed up as “no evil” (Confucius “The Analects of Confucius: Weizheng”: “Three hundred poems, in one word, think without evil.”) If those works do not reflect “labor and love, war and corvée, oppression and resistance, customs and marriage, ancestor worship and banquets, and even astronomical phenomena, landforms, animals, plants, etc. “It will definitely not be appreciated by future generations. Mr. Liang Qichao once thought, “The existing pre-Qin ancient books are really fake and mixed, almost no book has no problems, its real gold and jade, the words are credible, the “Book of Songs” is also the first.” If the “Book of Songs” is not such a “real gold” Beautiful jade” and “words are credible”, but sprinkled some feces and urine between the lines, making it smelly. I don’t think the old man would bother to collect them into books for people to read. We Of course, it cannot be regarded as “a mirror of the social life of the Zhou Dynasty”.

After the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, Chinese novels and essays began to bear fruitful results. At least those works that entered the history of literature all followed the tradition of “Si Wuxie” – you can learn from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, “Journey to the West”, Have you found descriptions of pooping and peeing in “Water Margin”, “Dream of Red Mansions”, “Strange Tales from a Liaozhai”, and “Notes on Yuewei Thatched Cottage”? you can’t find it. Even in “Jin Ping Mei”, which is called a “promiscuous book”, there are many plots of prostitution and indulgence, you will never see the author follow the senior officials of Ximen into the toilet and observe how she behaves and “feels out”. What color, what shape of matter, and then write these dirty things into the novel. As for the descriptions of lustful scenes and plots, I don’t think they are dirty, although it would be better not to do so. Sex is beautiful, even great, with certain limitations; sex is no dirtier than shit.

As far as common sense is concerned, people, especially writers, understand the above principles, so the self-discipline of “not describing dirty things” has been carefully observed for a long time. Such a strong response to the poems of “feces urine body” this time just shows that “this flower does not bloom often”, and there are not many such writers and works. This is quite a gratifying thing. Chinese literature is already too weak to stand up. If it degenerates to the level of feces and urine flying all over the sky, it will really be a catastrophic event.

The vast world is full of wonders. The more you experience, the more you will know. In fact, in my long-term editing career, it is not the first time I have encountered things of the nature of “shit and urine poetry”. in front of my eyes. This kind of experience is not unique to me. If readers are not forgetful, they should remember that in the 1980s and 1990s, some works of similar style were once argued by Luoyang Zhigui, and they were the guardians and defenders of the literary soul. The so-called “literary critics” of the CCP, either for profit, or because they are idle, not only turn a blind eye to those dirty descriptions, but instead advocate for such works, which further increases the prevalence of such works. I was puzzled at the time: what happened to these people? Why do they like to describe dirty things so much? I never found the answer.

Although I haven’t found the answer, I have left a lot of memories of those people and things. Now I will “hook” some memories and see if I can find some meaningful insights in these memories!


Let’s talk about “interests” first, and then “hobbies”, I think there is a connection between the two, and it will be enlightening for us to answer “why do people like to write about dirty things”.

Around the mid-1980s, I met a young poet who was said to be very talented in Xi’an. I don’t know if this young poet from northern Shaanxi is really talented, because I haven’t read his works, but his appearance is definitely carefully designed by him according to the “talented” formula: less than thirty years old He has a beard that is thicker than Marx, with slightly curly long hair, and the temples are connected to the beard; brown-black sunglasses almost cover half of his face; he is taller than the average man, and his clothes are always in the extreme Between the attention to detail and the extreme carelessness, sometimes suits and shoes are romantic and suave; When I met him, he had just come from northern Shaanxi to work as editor and binding designer for the internal journal sponsored by the provincial social science research institute.

Even though I was editing a large bimonthly literary magazine at that time, I was still full of awe and even timidity towards people who were “not ordinary people”. Therefore, in the several exchanges between me and this friend after we met, there was always a vague sense of shame. I feel that I have no artistic taste and that I am not as good as others, so I don’t talk much every time I meet, I always want to hear more from him. I especially want to hear his literary insights. After all, I met this friend as editor-in-chief to discover quality and promising authors and to find good works. By the way, when I ran that publication, I always had the belief that there would be as many publication opportunities as possible for writers in the province, especially young writers who were not yet famous. As a writer myself, I know that it is very, very difficult for a person to open up a world in literature.

What amazes me is that such a man who looks very imposing, but his voice is very slender, almost like a woman’s voice. His small hands and body are also very out of proportion, and very pale, it is easy to remind people of the word “hands can’t hold a chicken”… It took me ten minutes to get used to his appearance contrast and his unique way of speaking, The conversation gradually entered a smooth and smooth stage.

I soon discovered that although this man aspired to literature and sounded like a small success, he was very far away from the real world of literature. I rarely listened to him talking about what books he had read recently, and rarely listening to him. Talk about the excitement you get because of what books you read. For the works of Lu Yao, Chen Zhongshi, and Jia Pingwa, who were already well-received all over the country at that time, he held a noble silence. It seemed that these few people and their works could not reach his discernment. I can go further and say that literature in him does not have the sense of sanctity that is often found in the hearts of people who are addicted to literature. To a considerable extent, he regards writing poetry as a mere art and means of earning a living, and has nothing to do with spiritual life. , and the search for the soul has nothing to do with it.

well! A person has a person’s real situation, and no one lives in the illusory cloud. I understand why he is so alienated from literature: he has no formal working relationship with the affiliation of this magazine. The taste of “North Drift”. This means that he has not changed the real identity of farmers in northern Shaanxi, in this case, survival – specifically, establishing formal working relationships, migrating hukou to this ancient city, and changing from peasant status to eating public food The national staff – of course, has become far more important than literature (even a very shallow level of reading) to be the first thing to consider.

I realized reluctantly that this friend is far away from literature in terms of knowledge, ideas and thinking. I even found that his education level is not high, and I am afraid that he will not reach the level of high school graduates. That intimidating appearance is only the appearance, and has basically nothing to do with the inner spiritual quality; listening to him talk, it is easy to make people think of “chicken ribs”, the “silver-like pewter head” that Mr. Cao Xueqin teased in “A Dream of Red Mansions” …To tell the truth, I am quite disappointed, with some regrets in the disappointment, and some sympathy in the regrets… After all, he is younger than me, and young people are unlimited. Later, although our exchanges were a little less, but There was also no interruption of contact.

Once, I forgot because of something, maybe it was a special occasion, maybe it was passing by, I went to the magazine office to visit the young poet. At that time, he happened to design a magazine cover and printed out color proofs. As soon as I was seated, he proudly showed me the proofs for me to enjoy. The proof is printed with the head of a very old woman with sweaty and messy hair. I don’t see anything in this photo, I sit in a fog and stare blankly at him, which means I don’t know what he wants me to appreciate.

He probably saw my stupidity and reminded me generously: “Look again.”

So I looked again, but still couldn’t see anything, so I had to say, “It’s pretty.”

He sighed softly, probably thinking that I was hopelessly stupid, so he took the proof sheet with the head of a woman out of my hand, held it up in front of my eyes, and took a good look at the image in the way of an artist, and then, his eyes The light trembled in the room, and suddenly asked me: “Do you think this woman has just been raped?”

I was instantly shocked by his words, as if I was suddenly hit with a stick, I could neither say like nor dislike, I sat there, almost crying.

“You don’t understand,” he said with a wave of his little hand and a smile.

I smiled embarrassedly and said mockingly, “I really don’t understand…”

“It’s art,” he interrupted, adding in a raspy voice.

Art? Then why haven’t I seen “The Woman Who Just Got Xed” in ancient Greek sculptures or paintings or sculptures by the Renaissance art master Michelangelo? Then why haven’t I seen “the woman who has just been xed” from the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang or ancient Chinese paintings? To be more specific: Zhang Zeduan painted more than 800 figures in “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”. Can you find a “woman who has just been abused” among these figures? Has Leonardo da Vinci painted “The Mona Lisa Just Been Xed”? Has Repin painted “The Cossack Woman Just Been Xed”? Did Rodin sculpt “The Prostitute Just Got X”? Picasso and Dali, the most deviant in the history of art, probably never painted “The Woman Who Just Got Xed”, right? Has Xu Beihong painted “The Horse Just Been Xed”? Has Qi Baishi painted “The Cricket Just Been Xed”? Has Huang Zhou painted “The Donkey Just Been Xed”? Has Liu Wenxi painted “The Woman in Northern Shaanxi Just Been Xed”? Are those ancient, modern, and contemporary great artists as dumb and stupid as I am? Although it is said that the times are progressing and people’s aesthetic concepts are changing, it is not all “aesthetic” to consider “the woman who has just been xed” as art, right?

I looked helplessly at my friend – he still had a beard that was thicker than Marx’s, his long hair was still attached to the beard, the sunglasses on his face were still surprisingly large, and he was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, and he definitely didn’t look like He is an ordinary person, but I was thinking in the bottom of my heart: He was born in a peasant family for generations, and he encountered many trials and tribulations when he grew up. How did he develop such an appalling taste? How the fuck do I feel like I’m in a surreal world? I left him with such a dreamy feeling, and I went far away, and I still wondered if I had accidentally entered a dream.

Later he sent me a few poems to be published in a journal. The poem is very difficult and profound, and I can’t understand it, and I don’t think the ghost can understand it, so I let the editor in charge reject it, and we have cut off communication since then. Although I can still hear his news intermittently, those news are not literature, let alone art, but only short-sighted parents. For example, he left the magazine not long after (there is a saying that he was fired by the unit because he took a rebate from the printing factory in the publication printing process, but I don’t want to believe this is true), went to Xi’an Gardens A subordinate unit of the bureau went, and it is said that the unit promised to solve the work relationship and household registration problems for him. At the same time, he still roams and busts the city with the title of “talented young poet”. It is said that there are many girls who admire him, and some are even fascinated by him. It seems that he lives a very beautiful and lively life.

In a few more years, the person completely disappeared from my sight. That is to say, he has neither truly entered the ranks of poets and writers through the so-called “talent”, nor has he become an artistic talent in certain aspects because of his unique artistic taste. Go, just like I came gently, waved my hand, and didn’t take away a cloud…” When I left the city to transfer to Beijing to work, he had become a baby boy and merged into the huge mediocre crowd. Yes – I hope all this happened after he resolved the work relationship and hukou issues.

According to his age, he should be entering the twilight of his life now. It is not easy to live a lifetime. According to my limited understanding, this is even more so for my friend. As a descendant of an ordinary farmer without power and power, it can be said that he has walked very hard all the way. After his hormonal passion shattered into powder, I thought, he must have changed, and now he still thinks “the woman who has just been raped” is art? Does he still have the leisure to appreciate the photo of the sweaty woman?

I remember this so clearly because for the first time it made me realize that man’s tastes can be so different in opinions of literary or artistic questions; that man’s tastes can differ from his own. The family background and life experience are so different. I’m not saying this to emphasize that I have a higher taste than that friend, it’s not like that. High or low interest is relative, how do you know your exact place and weight in this world? You may be huge or you may be tiny, depending on how you look at it. Following the Buddhist point of view, the number of sands in the Ganges is just a speck of dust in thousands of worlds. Even if there is a difference between them, the difference is not big. Now that the society is diverse, you really can’t just accuse others of having high or low tastes for things you don’t like. At best, I can only say that I don’t have the conditions to resonate with his tastes, that’s all.

So what does this mean in the context of the topic identified in the title of this article? I think it reminds us to at least pay attention to a situation that often occurs in human life: if a person has low self-esteem due to lack of spiritual quality or low social situation, it often manifests itself in the opposite way, that is, extreme narcissism . This kind of narcissism is often very distorted and exaggerated, just like animals always arch their backs in the face of danger, deliberately make themselves huge in appearance, baring their teeth, making low purrs, making themselves look Going up is more dangerous than the other party. This is a means for them to maintain themselves, and it belongs to the category of instinct. Imagining a picture of a sweaty woman as she “just got slapped by someone”, and writing the verse so that even ghosts can’t understand it is actually a bluff that stems from weakness and inferiority – please remember this paragraph If so, I will explain the hidden connection between it and things like “shit and urine poetry” later on.

Now let’s cut off the conversation here, and continue my “hook and sink” about memory.


One of the great things about doing editing is that you can read a lot of work, a lot of good and bad. I worked as an editor in Xi’an for 12 years. At the beginning, I found that few people like to write dirty things into their works. No matter good works or bad works, they seem to be restrained in this matter.

“Few discoveries” does not mean absolutely nothing. In fact, it was during those years that I saw someone describe dirty things in their works for the first time. I was extremely surprised at the time, because the author was a close friend A literary friend, his ancestral home is Guanzhong, and he was also born in a peasant family. He is older than me, and we usually get along very well. He has published many novels and prose works, and in my opinion he still has a high literary taste.

I didn’t pay much attention to it at first – people always have to poop and pee, and the characters in the novel poop and pee a few times in various positions, maybe because the plot needs it, and it’s not worth making a fuss. However, when I read the novels that this friend often sent me “corrections”, scenes that should not be shown (such as describing boys’ wet dreams, how women deal with menstruation, etc.) appear one after another in the novel’s plot. , and in my opinion, these descriptions are not necessary for the development of the plot, and are completely unnecessary. Could it be that the description of these things has become something that the author relishes, indulges, and enjoys? I can’t figure it out a bit, and I don’t dare to think about it any more.

If you don’t understand and don’t dare to think about things, of course, you can’t do conceptual analysis and induction, so I try to save trouble and simply attribute this phenomenon to the reasons of regional culture: as we all know, the Northwest region’s economy is backward, Culture is also backward, and it is completely understandable that there is a certain distance or even disconnection from social development in aesthetic issues – maybe people in this place don’t think those dirty things are dirty things? But the problem is, as I said before, in the works I have read, whether it is bad or good, there are very few people in this area who are eager to describe these things, so my friend does this. There must be a purely personal reason for him. “Personal reasons” involve privacy and are not so easy to figure out. Of course, I can’t ask my friends directly: “What’s the matter with your hobby?” So I can only say that this is the style of his work, or that I I don’t like the style of his works. As for the underlying reasons, they are still vague and unclear.

It was another person I met, another work, that prompted me to take this issue seriously and resolve to give a theoretical explanation.

I forgot which year it was, but it wouldn’t be before 1993, because I was transferred back to Beijing at the end of the year. Not long after I arrived in Beijing, I heard that there was a book that became famous for a while. The author was also from Shaanxi and was currently living in hibernation in Beijing. For the convenience of description, we will call it “A”!

The most important duty of an editor is to discover good writers and works. Unfortunately, I have neither read this book nor know the author of this book, so I called the author, who was also from Shaanxi, who was already in the national literary critic circle at that time. A friend who has become a leading figure asks for advice: “How about that book? Is it really good? Do you know the author?” The critic friend said: “The book is good, I also know the author, when will you meet?”

I have always trusted this critic friend very much, so I met A in a restaurant under the guidance of the critic. We originally planned to chat with the critic. Unexpectedly, something happened to the critic’s friend’s house and we couldn’t come. This friend and I had to meet alone.

A doesn’t look like a person who dances and writes, but looks like a guy who walks in the streets and can easily arouse people’s suspicion of doing something bad. The only difference is that he has the style of a man who had his braids cut in the early years of the Republic of China. Long hair, although it looks a little greasy – in fact this person gives a feeling of uncleanness all over, exudes an unpleasant smell, as if the clothes have not been changed for a long time – but due to the sudden increase of a certain amount of hair. This level of artist temperament took him out of the bad guys.

He is not tall, and his complexion is dark, as if he has lived an abnormal life for a long time; he has two locks of beard that hang down from the sides of his lips, and a deep forehead engraved on his forehead… I don’t know why, Since the moment I met him, I’ve disrespectfully thought of some kind of animal from his beard and face, but couldn’t tell exactly what it was. A’s face looks quite kind, but his small eyes are dark and bright, like awls, looking at people, it is easy to make people feel that they are blocked by gangsters in the alley and forced to take out their wallets. Moreover, A seems to be very concerned about the fact that he is now “famous”, and he still has a slightly contrived sense of identity, or, in other words, some prudence and some “holding”, although I quickly feel that he is stronger than me Want to get to know each other – this may be the reason why he chose to use this “holding” method to increase his weight?

At that time, life had already warned me that people should not be judged by their appearance, and the sea could not be measured. Never judge people by their appearance, so as soon as I met, I humbly said to the short man: “I’m sorry, I haven’t had time to read you. That masterpiece.”

“It’s alright,” A said magnanimously, and then arrogantly took out a book from a large black leather satchel, handed it to me, and said, “I brought you a copy.”

A’s tone was confident, like Leo Tolstoy suddenly jumped out of the sky and told me to bring me a copy of War and Peace.

I repeatedly expressed my thanks, opened the title page, and A had already written words like “Respectfully please Yazheng”. I deliberately put my hand on the book whose binding, design, and printing were very poor and did not look like an official publication, to express my appreciation and gratitude for the gift he gave me–of course, there are also things I don’t want to destroy. In the atmosphere of the conversation, he said to him that “I have no objection to your confidence and value in your work”.


We eat and talk.

I quickly learned that this book was run by booksellers who bought book numbers from publishers, and they made a lot of gimmicks to whet the appetite of readers. It should be said that it was a successful business operation. Although I am a little skeptical about whether this book is really “a cultural epic of traditional Chinese rural areas” as advertised, I still express my appreciation for this unread book according to the tone that the public opinion has formed. He readily accepted my flattery and talked about his writing experience and experience for a while. “Writing experience and experience” did not impress me, but when he commented on Shaanxi writers eloquently as a Shaanxi writer, he inadvertently said, “I didn’t put Lu Yao, Jia Pingwa, and Chen Zhongshi in my eyes at all.” When I said this, I immediately began to doubt whether this person’s nerves were normal. I am not a person who easily doubts others. The problem is that in my long-term editing and publishing work, I have come into contact with too many people who think highly of themselves, and even regard themselves as contemporary Lu Xun, contemporary Ba Jin, and contemporary Mao Dun.

Let me add one more thing here.

When I edited and published The Selected Works of Chen Zhongshi’s Novels, I once invited Chen Zhongshi to come to Beijing to rest for a few days. One day, Chen Zhongshi and I went to visit the Yuanmingyuan. Although it was only in April, we didn’t know why the weather was very hot that day. We were sweating after walking for a while, so we found a shady place to sit and rest while chatting.

In Chen Zhongshi’s mind, I’m probably also a “Shaanxi writer”. After all, I worked in Shaanxi for so long, and we established contacts in Xi’an. We are also familiar with Shaanxi writers who are currently active in the literary world, so He also talked about writers from Shaanxi. I vividly remember that he joked with me about this: a famous writer who was not well-known was talking about his creative experience, and he said poetically: “After I have read all the books in the world, I think the best books are still If it wasn’t written, it’s up to me to do it.” The apparently neurotic, unknown writer recalled the writing process of one of his works deafeningly: “I realized that if I give up halfway, and if I don’t write this work, it will be a loss for all mankind.” Chen Zhongshi ended this hilarious story with a sigh of “Ah-ah-“. I also know the person he mentioned, and can probably be classified as a “friend”, so I know him a little bit, and I’m not surprised at all about his bizarre remarks, “Lin Zi is old. , all birds fly.” There are too many such wonderful characters in the literary world, even if you suddenly see a pig flying melodiously into the sky one day, you don’t need to make a fuss. Therefore, Chen Zhongshi said that day, and I just listened to it, and we didn’t say anything more.

Let’s go back to my meeting with A.

The writer in front of me who claimed that “Lu Yao, Jia Pingwa, and Chen Zhongshi were not in his eyes at all” was still talking eloquently, but my mind went off the rails, and a lot of thoughts swirled around. I think people like this are more or less paranoid. This kind of paranoia is often not produced from inner spiritual quality, excellent creative achievement, and public praise, but from poor creation, difficulty in publishing, and difficulty in publishing. Getting praise from others, the desire to be famous is too strong, and it is born out of continuous frustration. I think A belongs to the latter, so he did not dignified and submerged because of “success”, on the contrary, he was superficial and superficial because of successive setbacks and failures. All his rude remarks were born out of this.

At a certain moment, I suddenly felt that it is a very ridiculous thing to spend time here, so I quickly said goodbye. When we broke up, I said politely: “I will read your masterpieces seriously, and I hope to read your new works often.” In A’s opinion, this sentence is almost equal to asking him for drafts, so he Very happy, held my hand tightly with extraordinary enthusiasm, and drove me into the car all the way, and the car drove a long way, and I saw him clenching his fists to greet me.


Come back and read that book quickly, how do you feel? The feeling is – to paraphrase Mr. Lu Xun’s words: I am outraged!

The work uses semen as an image to construct a world driven by the instinct of life. It is a spiritual wilderness, and all people have become animals. I’m not saying that it’s not good to describe the “spiritual wilderness” and “people have all become animals”. In fact, it is possible for such artistic generalizations to be wedged into the spiritual picture of human beings. Such works are popular all over the world. , especially in Western modernist literature has been common. What I can’t stand is that the works are full of descriptions of human body fluids, excrement and other dirty things: stool, urine, semen, menarche, menstrual blood… Even animals are not spared, the common farm cattle, horses, donkeys in rural areas , Ah Mao, and Ah Gou have all gone crazy, and they have all become completely indecent things driven by sex! That’s not an accidental mention, but a meticulous depiction of ejaculating semen into the soil, which completely changed the existence and operation of the village, and even became the fulcrum of the entire work. In other words, no matter what the author’s subjective intention is, objectively he is showing the reader a world that exudes a very disgusting smell of human bodily fluids, which can only trigger the reader’s superficial biological response in the world. , and cannot enter into the infinitely rich inner spiritual world of human beings, just like the feeling caused by unintentionally stepping into a simple toilet and seeing the human excrement that cannot be put down. More than that, I have almost confirmed between the lines that the author has an irrepressible obsession with what he describes, the so-called “hobby”. From this description, he must obtain a huge biological pleasure, just like that. It’s like completing a physical catharsis again and again. Do readers remember my friend’s “interesting” story I told you earlier? Are these two people similar in this regard? Is there a biological connection hidden between “interest” and “hobby”?

Having said that, I have no dislike for this friend in front of me, I just feel that the smell is not right. I respect anyone who is engaged in the creation of words, and respect the unimaginable hard work this friend has put into writing this work. No matter who it is, it takes a lot of effort to code hundreds of thousands of words. Deng, the person who sits on the table and writes quietly, should undoubtedly be classified as a “good citizen”. As for whether you like what he wrote or not, it should be another question, so I never despise A at all, but I just don’t want to contact him anymore.

I can’t deny that I have a great dislike of his work, I can even say that it is the most filthy work I have ever read. Maybe this work is really as epic as some critics think it is, but just based on these unrestrained descriptions of dirty things, I can conclude that it does not carry the weight of “epic”. There can be tragedy, comedy, conspiracy, bloodshed, blood, killing, death, love, and despair in an “epic”, but there should never be stool, urine, semen, menarche, and menstrual blood;” The epic” should be as quiet and serene as a beast, as Flaubert said, and never so frivolous, so depraved, so nasty and dirty.

Since A gave me this shocking masterpiece, it is obviously looking forward to my praise, just like some netizens sent me the manuscript through email, I know they don’t really want to hear my so-called “advice”, And just wanted to hear the same. So when A called me for the first time and asked me about my reading, I shied away and said “I haven’t read it yet.” There was no way to avoid it the second time, so I had to say perfunctory: “It’s very good, old A, a very good work.” He was obviously a little sad on the phone, and in the silence I could feel that he didn’t show it. The loss and resentment, but there is no way, I can’t make any compliments on what I dislike, if I do such compliments against my will, I think it will be unforgivable, I will think I am dirty.

Later, my critic friend told me that A seemed to have some bad words towards me and asked me “Did he offend him in something?”

I smiled and said, “No, they probably don’t belong to the same kind of people!”

I can also say that people who do not belong to the same category as A include Lu Yao in Shaanxi alone. Lu Yao, the son of a poor peasant, despite suffering unimaginable sufferings, has a very rare noble heart. He endows literature with a sense of sanctity and sublime like the Virgin of Literature. I can learn from us for more than 20 years. The relationship between brothers and sisters proves that this great writer, who also came from the rural areas of northern Shaanxi, does not allow anyone to have any form of frivolity and negligence towards literature itself and literary labor, not to mention such unscrupulous abuse and blasphemy. . Among contemporary Chinese writers, Lu Yao can be said to be unique. All his works, whether “Ordinary World” or other short stories and novels, have an inner sense of solemnity, and there will never be any pickle. thing. I remember that I once made a brief description in the article “Remembering a Person Who Disappeared” (2021-5-10), and I also wrote “Rereading Lu Yao”, “Lu Yao: A Person Who Lights the Fire of Spirit”, ” Special comments have been made in articles such as “The Eighteenth Anniversary of Lu Yao’s Death”. I deduced that if Lu Yao read this book, the reaction could only be three words that were inconvenient to write here, which stemmed from his temperament, and it was impossible for him not to react like this.

After Lu Yao’s unfortunate death on November 17, 1992, as the editor-in-chief of “Lu Yao’s Collected Works”—the sad thing is that Lu Yao did not see the publication of this five-volume anthology before his death—I once represented the people of Shaanxi. The publishing house entrusted Mr. Li Xing, a critic friend of the Shaanxi Writers Association, to edit Lu Yao’s anthology (later this anthology was published, titled “The Fall of the Star”, Shaanxi People’s Publishing House, 1992).一摞文稿送给我的时候,我吃惊地发现有那么几个被路遥深恶痛绝的人竟然也以“路遥的朋友”的身份写来了回忆文章,“回忆”一些子虚乌有的与路遥所谓“交往”的故事,信誓旦旦展示着和路遥的所谓“友谊”。我愤怒地把这些文章全部都抽掉了。通过这件事,我经常感叹,人性之幽暗、龌龊和卑劣,永远超乎你的想象。





























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