Wild Traders and Academic Value Investors

In fact, for a long time, I personally feel that many people have problems with their own positioning. They are clearly in the status of wild traders in all aspects, but they have the thinking of academic value investors.

Back in time to more than 1800 years ago, you don’t want to spend the rest of your life selling straw sandals mediocre, and you want to achieve a career in troubled times, but there are only two good brothers to assist, and the 300 rural braves raised by smashing pots and selling iron, this family is simply not. Worth mentioning.

Then every battle and every available resource, you will carefully weigh the pros and cons, and in the process, you will continue to learn and grow through actual combat. If this is not the case, it is estimated that even the straw sandals will not be sold.

At this time, there was a big man, the third prince of the fourth generation, who had received the orthodox education of the “academic school”, and had as many troops, money, and counselors as he wanted.

Then everything is just an abstract number to him. If you succeed, you can advertise yourself as wise and talented, but if you lose, you will feel unhappy, and you will be done by cutting down the advisors who have made irresponsible remarks to yourself before.

Friends who have read the Three Kingdoms must be able to see at a glance that Liu Bei and Yuan Shao are described here, and the difference between “wild” traders and “academic” value investors is actually the difference between them.

The resources of wild traders are too limited. Of course, earning can bring joy, but every penny lost is also his real money.

This is actually a self-evolutionary filtering mechanism of the market. Every decision must be made and iteratively iterates in learning, growth, and adaptation, otherwise it will be eliminated. The growth of wild traders is often painful, looking directly at the real market and denying the past self.

The “academic” investors often don’t own the money they use for investment/speculation, but rely on the golden signboard of the “Four Generations and Three Dukes”. What they have to do is not to fight the market, but to let their strategies last as long as possible. Don’t be falsified by the market.

Under such a feedback mechanism, growth means “change”, which is to deny the past self, and the previous personality may collapse. Therefore, growth often has a negative effect, and it is the best choice for this part of people to not question value investment like religious belief.

The worst person in the market is that he can only be a wild trader like Liu Bei, but he is full of thoughts about learning from Yuan Shao to be an “academic” value investor.

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