winter is coming

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winter is coming

Recently, Ren Zhengfei’s internal speech “The entire company’s business policy should shift from the pursuit of scale to the pursuit of profit and cash flow” was screened. The main points are as follows:

  1. In the next ten years, the global economy will continue to decline, and household consumption will drop significantly. Huawei must prepare for the winter. Ren Zhengfei warned Huawei people to stop talking and telling stories, but to be realistic, based on actual business, not only to pursue scale, but to pursue cash flow and real profits. If it is true as President Ren said, the global economic recession in the next ten years will greatly reduce the demand for non-essential daily necessities such as consumer electronics and luxury goods. People will pay more attention to essential daily necessities such as food, clothing, and energy, and the prices of basic raw materials will continue to rise.
  2. Wherever there is money, make a little money: compress or turn the administrative staff of the agency into front-line business personnel, and compress the unprofitable business. Huawei’s business should focus on building ICT infrastructure, not a fake ecosystem. The core is to practice internal skills, lay a solid foundation, and make money when you can make money.
  3. Business optimization, personnel optimization: Resolutely cut off unprofitable businesses, and the living team will get more for more work, no hard work, and eventually starvation and no rescue.

This is not the first time Ren Zhengfei has warned Huawei to have a sense of urgency and prepare for the winter. In 2000, when the Internet collapsed, Ren Zhengfei published “Huawei’s Winter”, which spread throughout the Internet circle. This time in the face of a global economic recession, Ren Zhengfei once again threw out the cold winter theory, which is also impressive.

In the face of recession, not only Huawei, but everyone must prepare for the winter.

  1. Keep your wallet safe. When people generally lose their source of income and worry about three meals a day, they will use their brains, be kidnapped, and fail to repay their debts frequently. In particular, some scammers will take advantage of people’s eagerness to make money and design all kinds of scams in order to get something for nothing. In the face of high investment returns, remember one sentence: when you covet high returns from scammers, scammers care about your principal.
  2. Do everything you can to make money. Prepare as much food and grass as possible for the winter. No one can predict how long the economic recession will last. Do your best to reserve food to survive the cold winter and keep the spring back.

In response to Mr. Ren’s theory of overwintering, he decided to return to the way of watching movies and reading at zero cost in his student days – only watching pirated movies and books. , but also two lonely hearts come together. It’s just that The Shape of Water uses fairy tales to cover up lonely souls, while “Hidden in the Dust” uses heavy reality to shatter the beauty of life. Hidden into the dust, no one cares about it, and the box office is rising step by step, which also verifies the point of the previous article. Chinese movies have fallen into a low period, and the review mechanism can not be blamed. The filmmakers still have to reflect on whether their ability is too poor to make good movies. .

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