Xiaomi’s self-driving patent can more accurately identify traffic lights

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Since the announcement of the production of the car, Xiaomi Auto has attracted the attention of many people. However, at the previous Xiaomi conference, Chairman Lei Jun said that in the next two years, we will not refute rumors or introduce any new progress of Xiaomi Auto, and will meet at the right time. Regular disclosure, but this does not mean that Xiaomi cars have stopped. The Tianyancha App shows that recently, the patent for “traffic light status recognition method, device, vehicle and storage medium” applied by Xiaomi Auto Technology Co., Ltd. was published. According to the introduction, this patent mainly involves the field of automatic driving of vehicles.

Xiaomi car autonomous driving test Xiaomi car autonomous driving test

The abstract shows that the present disclosure relates to the field of automatic driving, and the identification method is as follows: collecting multiple frames of traffic light status images within a preset time period through an image acquisition device on the vehicle; The state timing information, the target traffic light image at the current moment, and the driving state information of the preceding vehicle determine the current target traffic light state. This patent can effectively improve the accuracy of traffic light status recognition results and reduce the probability of unmanned vehicles driving in violation of traffic regulations, thereby effectively improving the driving safety performance of unmanned vehicles and improving user experience.

Xiaomi car new patent Xiaomi car new patent

This latest patent shows that Xiaomi cars have recently made some new progress in autonomous driving. At the previous Xiaomi conference, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi invested 3.3 billion yuan in research and development in the field of autonomous driving in the first phase, and has formed a research and development team of over 500 people. At present, Xiaomi’s autonomous driving technology has entered the testing stage, and the first batch of 140 test vehicles will be tested across the country. The goal is to enter the first camp in the industry in 2024. At the press conference, Xiaomi also played demo videos of the current test vehicles’ “reserved parking spaces”, “autonomous valet parking”, “automatic robotic arm charging” and other functions, giving people a sense of the intelligence level of Xiaomi cars. higher expectations.

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