Ya’an: It was once hot in the hot summer, but it was cool in the rainy city

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Because of a friend’s wedding, I drove to Ya’an, Sichuan.

As the car went west, the sun gradually set, and the wind outside the window changed from warm to cool. When I arrived in Ya’an, it was already cool at night, and the cool breeze brought by the Qingyi River broke into the heart and lungs. After finishing the last work, I got out of the car. At 11:00, I could finally catch my breath.


Ya fish

Then let’s have a meal first, and have a meal of Yayu, which is said to be very expensive. Du Fu’s kaya fish “knows the origin of the C acupoint is beautiful, and the wine recalls that the pi tube doesn’t use wine”, but I don’t know much about this kind of fish that looks like a carp and has thin scales like a trout. The Yayu shop and every owner and waiter are familiar with the sword-like fishbone in the heaven on the head of Yayu. According to legend, it is the sword that Nuwa accidentally dropped into the water when mending the sky.


The reason why Yayu is so expensive is probably the growth rate of three catties in five years and the requirements for cold water aquaculture conditions. We lightly ordered a Yayu to try it out, fearing that we are not used to eating it and throwing away everything. The chef estimated that it took nearly 20 minutes to serve the table. The casserole and the fish-shaped lid handle are very exciting, so I was a little disappointed when I opened the lid at the end. Please, this is the empress dowager who has tasted all kinds of delicacies. It is Ya Yuye who makes “dragon and phoenix meat”.


In order to taste the original taste, we chose the method of stewing Yayu in clear water. A small Yayu weighing more than three catties is in the pot, and the soup is milky and white. After tasting it, you will know that the essence of Yayu is in the soup. Stew chicken, golden hook, wild mushrooms, pork belly, and tofu into a broth, and finally add the whole cut Yayu, stew it for a while, and season it to serve serve.

After eating and sleeping all night, get up in the morning to watch the Qingyi River. Although it is called “Qing”, the river water in the Ya’an urban area has long since been too turbulent to entrain sediment from the bottom of the river, and the river water is dim. But the flow is extremely fast, which is completely different from the small river that flows quietly in my hometown. I like running water, because running water does not compete for the first place, but keeps on talking.


My friend’s wedding was by the river. I haven’t seen you for a long time and I don’t have much time to catch up on the past. I just wish from the bottom of my heart. At the age of 30, we have all entered the next stage of life. I like her views on marriage. There are some things that I think but can’t express so directly. She can be called a “mouth substitute”.


Tianhe Waterfall

After the wedding, I drove to Tianhe Waterfall, which is not a scenic spot, but it is very popular in the outdoor circle in Chengdu. When I was about to arrive, I found that the bridge was being repaired, so I stopped and walked. There is a clear and shallow stream by the roadside, and there is also a small tourmaline-colored rock pool. The moment I put my feet in, my bones are soaked, and the cold air spreads from my feet to my whole body.

a rhubarb

Walking through the forest and walking a small path, I heard the sound of the waterfall. A big rock stands in front of you, and the waterfall is cool behind you. Thanks to the rain last night, you were able to see the waterfall. The locals said that those who came to see the waterfall yesterday were disappointed. As a miracle created by the river when it has nowhere to go, the condescending waterfall mouth is like the sound of the river, and this is the moment when it is free.

Over the big rocks, on the shoal directly opposite the waterfall, there are several groups of young people who are going to camp. Because of the narrow terrain, I retreated to the big rock and sat in a daze.

Watching a puppy play in the water, barking with joy, playing with a stone in its mouth for a long time; watching ants carrying food, tired and hungry. Boring happiness is too happy. I used to think that time cannot be delayed for a minute. Every minute must create the value of every minute. However, if you only feel the happiness you get, you will lose the keenness to perceive the passage of time. . It wasn’t until the rain in Yucheng caught off guard that it fell again before returning to the car.

Wangyu Old Street

Wangyu Old Street is a location that has long been written in my plan. I guessed that it is not big, but I didn’t expect it to be so small.


The main building of the small ancient street is located on a huge boulder protruding from the mountainside, and its name is called “Wangyu” because the boulder looks like a cat watching the fish swimming in the Zhougong River. To enter the old street of the ancient town, one must climb the stone ladder to the mountainside, which is tantamount to a method that is easy to defend but difficult to attack and defend against bandits.

The 200-meter-long ancient street has the former site of a Red Army preaching office, a bookstore and a coffee shop. The owner of the coffee shop combined the fairy life of reading, being in a daze and petting cats, while the owner of the bookstore “locked” the bookstore and Wangyushi according to local conditions.


The 400-year-old Wangyu Old Street, if it wants to tell a story, it is the story of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. The temperament of “not being a demon”.


Sister Cao’s Barbecue

The evening is approaching. On the way back to Ya’an City, Wangyu decided to try his luck to try the No. 1 Caojie Bashi BBQ.

roadside barbecue stand

When I arrived at the place, I realized that the dishes had to be robbed , so I quickly took the ribs, beef, chicken skin, etc., and the vegetarian dishes were almost gone, so I didn’t take them. I was afraid that I would not be full, so I asked the boss to order a 10 yuan fried rice. There was no meat in the fridge as soon as we sat down and the store said it would be sold out.

There is a hint of sweetness in the spicy

The waiting time was not too long. The barbecue was served one after another. As soon as I ate it, I knew it was the fresh ingredients I skewered. The taste was spicy and a little sweet, but the overall taste was moderately salty and very fragrant.

After the fried rice is served, it is divided into four bowls, and the grains are distinct. The ham sausage is not used, but the luncheon meat that can be eaten with meaty texture. At the checkout, the average person only ate 40 yuan. I was shocked, and I strongly recommend it because of the good reviews .

The boss said that his small barbecue stand has driven the employment of the left-behind women in the village. They started to come over at noon to skewer meat, and they were basically sold out at 7 o’clock in the evening, and they left work after they were sold out. The working hours are not long, but it is a win-win situation to work at the doorstep.


The next day I planned to go to Bifeng Gorge for a stroll. I didn’t expect to see giant pandas at first, because after all, my parents took me to the zoo to see them when I was a child. I didn’t think it was interesting. It’s the happiest thing about this trip.


You can see a lot of pandas in zoos, but pandas that are only two meters away from you outdoors should be rare.

Fortunately, the giant pandas I met were very lively, playing with their companions, and even pushing them into the pit as a prank. Even those who were in a daze, drank water together, and gnawed bamboo together were very happy. It is indeed the place where the first giant panda was discovered. Living in my hometown must be happier than living in a zoo.


With the high temperature for days, my mood became hotter and hotter, and I became more bored and entangled with others.

When I was young, I enjoyed spending time with people very much. Although people who knew me well knew how much I was troubled by interpersonal relationships at that time, it did not affect my importance to interpersonal relationships. As an enfp, I have great expectations for future interpersonal relationships Relationships have positive expectations.

I originally thought that I chose to be an HR because I like to communicate with people, but now I feel that interpersonal relationships are the source of all troubles and bad emotions.


For example, I think a reasonable interpersonal relationship is not to talk about work on the rest day. Even if I have to talk about work, I will apologize. After all, every minute someone replies to your message is sacrificing the time he should have been resting or spending time with his family. . So that’s what makes me so sick of unapologetic, even bad-mannered off-day chats about work.

Surrounded by friends who were not very social, he said the thinness of his relationships was the price of his freedom.

Originally, I thought this price was within the range I could bear, but now I just feel that I was young at the time, and I didn’t know that what the devil asked for from you ten years ago is completely different from what you will be ten years later. Of course, it is also because the devil discovered that ten years later The more you have, the more greedy you become. So there are never real victors in the relationship wars, only more and more victims.


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