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After writing the last “News”, I looked at the time and it was almost twelve o’clock. I thought about what vegetables to buy for cooking noodles at noon today, I put on my clothes, opened the door, and set off to the nearby supermarket. On the way to the supermarket, I passed a “barber shop” that I go to once or twice a year, and I touched my hair. It was really long, so let’s get a haircut.

The owner of the “barber shop” seems to be my fellow from Sanming. I remember Ah Hui told me. After entering the barber shop, he didn’t say “nonsense”, he told me to “wash my hair” first. He put the towel on the back of my neck for me, and then let me lie down on the “shampoo chair” to adjust my body position. He adjusted the water temperature of the shower, and I was thinking about whether to open the “chat box” to chat with him. In the end, we all completed the “shampooing” process quietly with each other. His technique was very professional, and the details of the service were well handled. He always made me stare at the ceiling and think about life in a relaxed manner.

He helped me dry my hair a little and took away the moisture from my ears👂. After doing this, I sat on the “barber chair” and he asked me: “How do you want to cut it?” After thinking for a long time, I still replied: “It’s fine to cut it short.” I trim my hair.

I looked at myself in the “mirror” and my thoughts were full of thoughts. From 2018 to 2022, I would have a haircut here every year. Looking at the faces in the mirror from “happy to melancholy” from “skinny to fat”, I feel that time is flying by, and I also feel that “only my heart has not changed, just like a child in the past”. Watching him trim my hair with “scissors”, the “haircutting technique” has not changed, but his “little belly” has changed, and he also suffered “a pig-killing knife called years” like me. “.

He grabbed a handful of hair and cut it, and continued to repeat, the hair cut more and more, the tool in his hand also changed from “scissors” to “hair clipper” and used it back and forth alternately, I also bowed my head in cooperation with his technique He raised his head to the side to facilitate his every trimming. When I looked at myself in the mirror again from my distracted mind, I stayed up late last night with my eyelids stretched across my eyes, and pimples on both sides of my cheeks were obvious, but my hair was cut short and my spirit was much better.

When he picked up the hair dryer and blew away the broken bits hidden in his hair, I knew the cut was coming to an end. He said to wash his hair again, just like at the beginning, he was still relatively speechless after washing his hair. After washing my hair, I sat in the barber chair again, he dried my hair with a hairdryer, and looked at my hair in the mirror again, it was all right.

I asked how much it was in total, and he said: “30 yuan” (15 yuan at the beginning, then 20 yuan, and then 30 yuan, and the rent is the same), I scanned the code to pay, and opened the door after finishing. He closed the door again and headed to the supermarket.

It’s not too far from the barber shop to the supermarket, it only takes eight or nine minutes to walk there. When I entered the supermarket and walked to the “vegetable area”, I became entangled again. I felt that it was not easy to save which vegetables to buy. After thinking about it for a long time, I simply decided not to save it, so I just bought it for today’s meal, so I bought it: “one vegetable melon/one potato/a little bean sprout/one lettuce” Well, I’m very OK! In the end, I bought “water tofu and beancurd skin”, and when I checked out at the cashier, the total amount of “more than six yuan” felt okay.

The cooking process is ignored…directly above. By the way, the vegetable melon and potatoes have not been cut, I am afraid that one pot will not fit, and they will be cooked tomorrow. The one above the tofu is “sauerkraut”.

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