Years of Diary Feelings

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I have been writing a diary for many years, and the end of the year is approaching. It is necessary to briefly summarize the feelings of writing a diary, which is not only convenient for everyone, but also for myself.

1. Why, why write a diary?

A diary, a record of everyday life. As long as the things in life are recorded, memory recall can be carried out later to solve these problems.

1.1. Summarize the past

Don’t trust our brains too much, our brains tend to distort and even forget the past. So the first purpose of keeping a diary is to recall and summarize the past.

After I went to college, I found that life became more and more complicated, and it was completely different from high school. Many things that happened last week were forgotten this week. So the first purpose of diary records is to summarize the past. Regarding the summary of the past, there are three aspects


First, memory recall. A diary provides an anchor for memory, allowing us to recall life situations at that time.

Second, discover important nodes. The importance of a matter does not depend on how we feel at the time, but on our subsequent thinking. Only when we stand in the later perspective can we discover some very important things (that is, important nodes) from a bunch of chaotic things. For example, December 12, 2016 is an important time node, because I was shocked by the grand world view of “Three-Body Problem”, including concepts such as the dark forest, the wall-facing project, the eternal life of death, and the dead line.

Third, explore the growth context. Growth is a continuous thing, with few sudden changes (e.g. epiphanies, prodigal sons turning back), etc. Then, connecting important nodes in series is the vein of personal growth. In this way, you can provide some life inspiration for your present and future self.

Therefore, the first purpose of diary recording is to summarize the past, that is, to discover important nodes and explore the growth vein after memory retrospect.

1.2 Based on the present

Based on the present, then how to base yourself on the present?

Know yourself through your past, and judge your situation in combination with reality . The past experiences have shaped who I am now. Only after using the past life as a material and processing it with the thinking of discarding the dross and extracting the essence, discarding the false and retaining the true, from the outside to the inside, and from one to the other, can I have a clearer understanding of myself.

Here are a few questions I asked myself based on the diary?

First, how old can you live?

Second, is the economy independent?

Third, personal moral standards?

Fourth, the accumulation of scientific and cultural knowledge?

Fifth, what are your skills and hobbies?

Sixth, your own external performance?

Seventh, interpersonal relationship?

Eighth, the principle of social life?

When I have answered these questions, I know myself a little bit.

1.3 Looking to the future

Through the diary, I did two things:

sum up the past

Based on the present

Not only have you explored the veins of growth, but you have also recognized yourself and the relationship between yourself and your surroundings, then you can look forward to the future. One way to look ahead seems to me to be to create a “life plan”.

So what are the plans? The following is a copy of my “Life Plan v1.3” (deleted some details)

主要矛盾:知识的爆炸性增长vs 落后的知识学习和组织方法基本纲领:经济纲领:经济独立思想道德:马恩全集,四书五经,道经科学文化:自然科学为主,其他为辅技能兴趣:锻炼、书法、自行车外在表现:身体保持干净,居住环境断舍离人际关系:家人(无条件付出),女朋友(好好爱护)、朋友(包括大学同学、唐社小伙伴,尽量帮助,但是帮了是情分,不帮是本分)、其他(等价交换)社会生活:人心唯危,道心唯微,惟精惟一,允执厥中生涯规划:30岁结婚,工作到75岁,玩耍15年,90岁OVer年度安排:每季度和每周都要进行总结和规划;每天锻炼30min时间要求:一年:8760h睡眠:33%,2890h工作、学习:33%,2890锻炼:4%,365h

2. What, what diary to write?

I started writing a diary entirely after reading “A Strange Life”. The main character of the book tells about the chronometric method that Lyubishev practiced throughout his life. December 2016, but when I finished reading this book, my brain exploded. I never thought that there are still people living this kind of life. It is shocking to record my time in detail like an asset.

After reading it, I found that this method is too suitable for science students. The thinking of science students lies in logical thinking, and the time statistics method is based on the recorded time, which is easy to count and summarize. A summary based on this kind of report is a good way to know yourself.

So, what to write in a diary? Keep a diary on the basis of Lyubishev’s chronometric method.

I recently saw an article dedicated to recording time. It is better than what I am currently using, follow-up reference to improve it

3. How, how to write a diary?

How to write a diary needs to be discussed in three levels:

  • Journaling Rules
  • Journal entry template
  • diary records evolution

3.1 Journaling Rules

Writing a diary must have certain rules before it can go on. According to the nearly six-year diary recording method, there are several rules as follows.

First, diary records must be periodic over a period of time. In my case, diary records are recorded on a weekly basis. Why choose Zhou? because for me a week is a really good unit of time

  • Compatible with work status: work from Monday to Saturday, rest on Sunday
  • In line with the physical state: a combination of work and rest

In comparison, what about other times?

  • Take the day as the cycle, and what happens every day may be different.
  • The cycle is monthly (or quarter), the time span is too long

Therefore, the cycle of diary recording is based on the week.

This is how the weekly diary is recorded, and then it will be placed in the corresponding folder. The naming rule is (quarter)-(week of the quarter), for example, this week is 4-11.


Second, record time, space, events, and feelings. Everything moves in time and space, so it is necessary to record the time, space and detailed information of the event, and finally write down your thoughts on this matter. Only in this way can we form a multi-angle understanding of that matter, provide anchor points and evoke memories.

Third, weekly and quarterly periodic summaries are carried out. Only after a staged summary is it possible to continue this behavior.

Fourth, the way of diary recording should continue to evolve. The way of diary recording is not static, but should be modified according to the problems that arise in practice, so as to be more suitable for practice.

3.2 Diary record template

How to keep a diary? Directly use the content of the latest week to illustrate. The following is the content of the 11th week of the fourth quarter of 2022. I have deleted the details, leaving only the structure. You can download it and read it, or you can read the detailed description below.

Link: Extraction code: 4d5t After copying this content, open the Baidu Netdisk mobile app, the operation is more convenient

3.3 Diary records evolution

My diary did not become like this from the beginning.

In 2017, began to record and organize. Inspired by “A Strange Life”, I tried to record in a diary and completed two reports in a daze.

In 2018, time was introduced in the diary. During the postgraduate entrance examination, in order to know how the study is going, time is added to the diary records. After completing the year-end summary at the end of the year, the distribution of time is clearly known for the first time. Through the distribution of time, let me know where to snatch time, not staying up late to snatch sleep time, but in daily life, focusing on studying, snatching time for chatting, playing games, and reading novels.

In 2019, the first “life plan” was formulated. When I graduated from university, I went through all the diaries in the past, and based on the current situation at that time, I made my first “life plan”. It is planned to be over at the age of 90 (that is, to die in 2086), and then to retire at the age of 75, send parents away at the age of 40, and start a family at the age of 30.

In 2020, electronic diary recording began. In order to prevent the loss of the diary from happening again, I tried writing in Onenote and Typora, and finally chose the Markdown editor Typora. The recording of electronic diary cannot be limited to a specific software, but must have extensive portability. Therefore, the plain text content in markdown format can be used across platforms and software, so choose this form.

In 2021, a good electronic diary format will be formed. The 2021 electronic diary has a unified format, a clear structure, and a prescribed naming method, so the speed of organizing diaries at the end of the year is very fast. Having a good template can not only make the content clear and clear, but also save time for content writing.

In 2022, I set myself to complete last week’s weekly summary on Monday. can be done most of the time

4. Conclusion

It is to have such a diary, and to conduct weekly reviews. Only then can I write a practical annual summary report at the end of each year. Here are a few annual summary reports I’ve produced so far


These reports are the driving force for my future growth. Here are some suggestions for journaling

4.1 First, build the system from the bottom up.

At the beginning of the diary record, I never knew what to record and how to write it, but when I started to record, time will continue to teach us how to deal with it, and the needs in life will push us to change the recording process and content of the diary. For example, the addition in 18 years, the implementation of digitization in 20 years, and the promotion of formatting in 21 years are all driven by demand. So don’t think about finding a perfect top-down system from the beginning, just start doing it. The same is true of diaries, but also of other things.

4.2 Second, identify the target and make a plan.

Make a plan every year and remind yourself in a dedicated place, such as the memo on the wall, on the desktop, or on the top of WeChat. By constantly reminding us where our attention is often focused, we can make a plan and keep moving forward.

4.3 Third, timely review and sum up experience.

When the year is over and one thing is over, a review must be carried out to learn from experience and lessons to prevent the same mistake from happening many times. After all, the first mistake can be forgiven, and the second time can also be regarded as forgetting, but the subsequent ones cannot be forgiven.

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