Youyan Zaobao: HBO renews the second season of “The Last of Us” drama; the development of the new work of Vanilla Club is coming to an end

Hello everyone, the following is the travel research morning report brought to you by the interns:

1. HBO announced the renewal of the second season of “The Last of Us”, and game director Neil Druckmann also said that there will be a second part of the game in the second season. The cumulative number of viewers of the first episode exceeded 18 million in the first week, reaching 22 million so far. The number of viewers of the live broadcast of the second episode rose by 22% that night, setting a record for the highest increase in HBO history.

2. According to media interviews, the development of the mysterious new work that briefly appeared in the 2019 “Thirteen Robot Defense Circle Prologue” has come to an end. The co-founder of Vanilla Club, Kamiya Moriji, said that this work will be “the largest in Vanilla Club” work”.

3. The developer of “Hogwarts Legacy” stated that the game only needs more than 40 hours of game time to complete the main story line. If you want to experience all the branch content, you need more than 100 hours. This work will be launched on PS5, XSX, XSS and PC platforms on February 10, the PS4/Xbox One version will be launched on April 4, and the Switch version will be launched on July 25.

4. Heheyu confirmed that “WitchBrook” is still under full development. Heheyu said it is proud to be a studio that does not work overtime, which does mean that development takes longer. But they firmly believe that healthy and well-rested developers make better games.

5. The cooperative survival horror submarine simulation game “Abyssal Syndrome” will launch the official version 1.0 this spring, and the game price will be raised on February 10. The current game discount is as low as ¥17.8, which is the last discount before version 1.0.

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