Yuyue Medical was fined for driving up the price of oximeters!

On January 31, the Market Supervision Bureau of Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province issued an administrative penalty decision to Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., ordering it to correct price violations and fined it 2.7 million yuan. At the end of 2022, the price increase of Yuwell oximeter caused a crisis of consumer confidence. In response to consumer doubts, Yuwell Medical replied that the recall was due to the wrong product being sent, and the price increase issue first claimed that the price was set by the merchant itself, and then said that due to increased costs and cancellation of discounts, product prices have increased. But all kinds of responses have not been recognized by consumers. | Related reading (The Paper)

Chu Xiangyang

In the last wave of infection, in view of the need for elderly patients and patients with underlying diseases to check blood oxygen at any time, or even inhale oxygen at home, the prices of Yuwell’s oximeters and oxygen concentrators have risen significantly. The supply in the market is in short supply, and commodity prices have risen slightly. Consumers can understand this situation.

However, the price of a low-cost oximeter like Yuwell directly doubled, and the products ordered by consumers were recalled. This is too ugly, and the official reasons given by Yuwell are also far-fetched. Sure enough, in the follow-up investigation, it can be found that the sales price increase of the Yuwell oximeter is significantly higher than the cost increase, and it is indeed suspected of raising the price and disrupting the market.

Yuwell received a fine of 2.7 million yuan this time, which may be a small number compared to the huge profits obtained in this wave of infection, but it has already caused an indelible impact on the brand reputation and image of consumers.

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