Zhiguang in life

Foreword: “Even if there are too many helplessness in life, you have to face it calmly and survive” written by Mr. Liao Chaoguo. After reading it, I feel a little dull and depressed. I have different interpretations of life. Beautiful, I named it the “wisdom light” of Zen, so I took the time to write down my life experience.

But after finishing the writing, I found that doing so is a kind of “obsession”, a kind of “obsession” that believes that my fate is involuntary. If there is attachment, there will be pain, that is, the heart is suffocated, not peaceful, and uncomfortable. “There is no such thing as happiness or misfortune, but people call on themselves” is very suitable for myself to use here. Just laughing at fifty steps and laughing at a hundred steps, I told myself a joke, and now I tell it to Zuoan, hoping to benefit readers.

Text/Guanzhong people

Zen: A Buddhist term, referring to getting rid of distracting thoughts and sitting quietly. This explanation is rather superficial. I think that Zen is the light of wisdom emitted by the self-nature, referred to as wisdom light. Just like the meridians of the body, each acupuncture point is a “hot spring”, which can cure diseases and eliminate disasters, and strengthen the body. Zhiguang can also be used to adjust life and guide life.

Wisdom 1: Life is inseparable from suffering

Suffering is also happiness, there is no happiness without suffering, and their relationship is the same as I discussed existence and non-existence in ” Where to Catch Dust “. If happiness is a skyscraper, suffering is its foundation. The heroes of ancient and modern times are all like this, Genghis Khan, Tang Xuanzang, Yue Fei, Sima Qian, Sun Bin…they are too numerous to mention, and they all have one common feature: they all came out of suffering.

Some readers said that Shakyamuni Buddha was a prince and did not suffer. This statement is wrong. Prince Sakyamuni was an ascetic monk for three years before becoming a Buddha. He almost starved to death. Although he did not suffer from war, he did suffer physically and mentally. The princes Kangxi and Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty all experienced their own hardships in their childhood, and they were immature without suffering. There is a popular saying recently: People who have not suffered in the middle of the night are not enough to talk about life.

Once a person has such a cognition, he will no longer be afraid of bad luck and pain in his life, and he will live to death and enjoy himself in suffering. With this understanding, pain is not pain to him, but a stepping stone to success.

Zhiguang 2: Facing Impermanence

We know that life is full of impermanence, as small as not knowing what you will think in the next second, as big as our life and death. Impermanence brings us emotions, because I live in impermanence every day, and I am used to impermanence. Impermanence brings me surprises, but also brings me disappointment. Impermanence creates opportunities for unwilling people and teaches us how to live.

Cherish surprises in the face of surprises, and eat and drink wildly according to your temper, and your body will suffer. We must persevere in the face of suffering, view it from a dialectical point of view, and gain wisdom through adversity. Failure is the cornerstone of success, and suffering is the foundation of happiness. When the new crown epidemic hits, we cherish life even more and miss the days when there was no epidemic.

Zen Master Yongjia Xuanjue said to Master Huineng, “Life and death are important matters, and impermanence is swift.” This is such a classic and wise dialogue. The body is the body, which is interpreted here as knowing oneself (seeing the nature); understanding refers to letting go, and when you know yourself, there will be no birth and death, and life and death will be over.

Knowing this, life and death are over. Still thinking about life and death (because life and death are big things), what’s wrong? It is climbing, also called law enforcement. Climbing is the end of the sticking, just like the Buddha said that delusion arises from awareness, and the head rests on the head. Self-nature’s intuitive feeling of the environment is called naturalness, thinking is delusion, and excessive thinking is called obsessive-compulsive disease. It is difficult to control just the right place, the way is natural, it is natural to follow the fate, and to be comfortable is to follow the fate. To do things, we must cherish fate, not to be attached to can be quiet, and quiet can beget wisdom.

Zhiguang 3: Worry is Wisdom

I have two worries right now: 1. The heating is not hot. 2. Lonely, bored. The heating in our community has never been hot, and there is no lower limit for the minimum. Some users have a thermometer in their home and send it to the living room. The heating company, the citizen hotline, and the Qinhua heating company fight each other every winter without solving the problem.

Regarding loneliness, I believe everyone will have it. Another name for loneliness is loneliness, and people who are not lonely have no opinions. Practitioners are lonely, and only in solitude can we know ourselves. But there is still a difference between loneliness and solitude. A lonely person’s heart is chaotic, and a lonely person is quiet. Man-made solitude is retreat, and loneliness cannot be enjoyed.

Just like affliction and wisdom, although they are the same thing, they appear in different forms. If you can’t figure it out, you are troubles, but if you can figure it out, you are wisdom. Where is the hub of communication and incompatibility? I think it’s just that I don’t know clearly, and I’m fascinated by appearances. My heart is full of weeds, chaotic and cloudy, I have no idea, want everything, and feel lost after getting nothing.

Trouble boils down to ignorance, right? Readers stop here, don’t read on, and make a self-judgment first. I have circled three circles successively: ignorance, lack of determination, and greed. I have been making love to each other,… like analyzing the underlying causes of worry, anxious! For the disease, it is tickling. Don’t be too wordy and give the answer directly: the root cause of all troubles is attachment, and attachment is the existence of “I”.

Attachment is to regard the false self as the real self. The false self is an idea, an actor on the stage. When the thought disappears, the false self does not exist. The true self is the self-nature, the awareness, also known as the Dharma body. The awareness is always there, but it is often ignored and replaced by the false self. The false self replaces the real self, and the real self is in the state of “ignorance”. Ignorance is like being drunk, not conscious, you will do stupid things, like you can’t find your way home, but the feeling is real, and you are really anxious. The real self is both the audience and the manipulator, who can make the actors (false self) act this way or that way. After awakening, the real self will not hurt, and you know everything well, and you are in control (this is freedom).

When you don’t realize it, the fake self replaces the real self and takes the thoughts as yourself. The actor’s feelings are the real self’s feelings. It’s like the audience enters the actor’s role and bears emotions along with the role. How can we not be passive, how can we not be bitter. Good times are like dreaming about marrying a wife, but you don’t want to come out of the dream. The human world is a dreamland according to the Buddha, and ordinary people are people who fall asleep in a dream.

The Buddha said that life is like living among thorns. If the heart does not move rashly, the person will not move, and if the heart does not move, it will not hurt. If the mind moves recklessly, people will move recklessly, hurt their bodies, hurt their bones, and experience all kinds of pain in the world. We are all dreamers, and it is impossible not to move our minds rashly. It is impossible to have no worries, no pain, no pain. Worry and pain also have a good side, teaching us how to behave and urging us to practice. To get rid of afflictions, you need to get rid of ego. If you don’t get rid of ego, it doesn’t matter how many circles you go around. Turning afflictions into wisdom requires real practice and hard work. Talking is not enough! That’s the end of the topic.

Although self-attachment cannot be eradicated, since we know the cause, we must do something. Attachment is a painful behavior in which the consciousness clings to objects and cannot find a way out of calculations around it. Boredom is the crazy mentality that the mind has entered the horns and cannot find a support. It can be forcibly dragged to medical treatment and forced to do things. The underlying cause of anxiety is self-attachment, and the treatment depends on the long-term perspective. Life depends on good and bad, and gains and losses in front of you are just a glimpse. The heating is not hot, heart disease, just don’t pay attention to it.

Readers raised their eyebrows: The lack of heating has little effect. What if someone puts a knife on my neck and threatens me? I would get scared and end up doing what he told me to do. If you only stay on the level of enlightenment, without actual practice, and if you don’t have enough concentration, afflictions will take advantage of the void. The trouble at this time is that I will still be afraid when the knife rest is on my neck!

Wisdom 4: Happiness through suffering

When it comes to suffering, most people reject it. Chinese people’s ability to bear hardships is not as good as one generation after another. When I was a child, I couldn’t afford to pay the tuition last month. I walked 2 miles to the neighboring village to go to school with my schoolbag on my back. Since my son went to kindergarten, our parents have started to pick him up and help him with his homework. When he was in junior high school, he even hired a tutor, but he just couldn’t learn well. To be stupid, as a programmer, I have to ask my son to play games, and I don’t need to teach him.

I feel that I have endured hardships and I am not stupid, so my life is still passable. It is this kind of passing, more than enough than the bottom, that wears down my will. When I first started working, I felt that I knew nothing, had no skills, and was under a lot of pressure. Do not go out on weekends, and work overtime for free to make up for shortcomings. Now that the conditions are good, I have the ability to buy the books I need, I have my own computer, and I am bored when I have time, but I can’t calm down and read professional books.

A person’s ambition, in addition to the talent (alaya consciousness) brought by the mother’s womb, also has a lot to do with the acquired experience. When Lu Xun studied medicine in his early years, he saw the numbness of the Chinese people and decided to awaken the people spiritually. After Sima Qian was corrupted, he worked hard to wash away his shame and let history re-evaluate himself. Temujin, Sun Bin, Cao Xueqin, Zhu Yuanzhang, Wang Yangming… There are too many people like this in history.

It cannot be said that being born into a wealthy family cannot make you stand out. Although people like Li Shimin, Zeng Guofan, Qianlong, and Zhang Xueliang have not suffered a big loss, they live in the officialdom of intrigue, and their inner suffering is no less than that of the losers before them. There is no enlightened emperor who has not endured hardships, and no hero’s road to success is smooth.

The above two paragraphs illustrate from different angles that in order to make achievements in life, one must endure hardships, life is inseparable from suffering, and suffering makes heroes and great men. From this point of view, children who have not experienced hardship are poor, and they are not worthy of the envy and hatred of the poor. Some parents with inheritance understand this truth and artificially set up obstacles in the process of children’s growth to cultivate their survival ability. The ancient emperors were born in the palace, and their teachers taught them reading, martial arts and etiquette since they were young. The joy of life is not as much as that of ordinary children.

Zhiguang 5: Life is equal, neither good nor bad

If I were a pig, I would inevitably be stabbed before I die, but other than that, I would eat and sleep during my lifetime, and I wouldn’t think so much. Sometimes it takes a few sticks to eat, but it quickly forgets that there are no human worries.

If I were a dog, I would be pleasing to people, I would get a few bones, I would be obedient and sensible, I would not have the deep thinking of human beings, I would not be able to enjoy the rich fruits of foresight, and of course I would not have trouble.

Only human beings stand at the two stages of worry and wisdom, open and close, great ignorance and great wisdom, great compassion and great joy, and taste the ups and downs of life, some people praise it, some people can’t bear it. Whether it’s bitter, sweet, ugly, or beautiful, it’s all about inner feelings, life experiences that you call upon yourself.

Those who know themselves do not blame others, and those who know their fate do not blame heaven. Knowing that everything in oneself comes from the retribution of the previous life and the present life, so it is useless to blame others for their incompetence. Fate has a mission, the meaning of calling. Knowing that I came to this world to be summoned by Alaya in my previous life, everything is my own choice, there is no reason to hate God, let alone the people around me, they are all predestined people, and they are either repaying favors or collecting debts.

The three realms are mind-only, and all dharmas are only consciousness. During my residence, it was the devil or Buddha, man or god, or maybe it was a dog, a cat, or a pig. I am the one who is reincarnated, and I am the one who is troubled. Of course, wisdom can also be displayed. Everything is by me, and everything is me.

Zhiguang 6: The best moment in life is now

Speaking of this, some people recall the past, while others look forward to the future. In fact, it is not right, the past has passed, the future has not yet come, the most beautiful moment is now! Yes, only now, the moment is the most real, and the control is only in the moment. Don’t think about the past, don’t think about the future, and do the current thing well, that is the best life.

Sometimes I am so immersed in a kind of emotion that I can’t get out, this feeling is pain or happiness, so that I forget my own existence, I forget that I am a theatergoer, not a person in the theater. When we go deep into it and do things seriously and become one with things, we will truly realize the mystery of life: I am the thing, and the thing is me, and there is nothing else in the world except this. At this time, although the true self is in the state of “ignorance”, there is no “outside”, only “I”, there is no confrontation, and what I feel is the physical nature, and I am “wandering”. The wonder of life is experienced in the moment.

Mencius Zhongyong said: “Only the most sincere in the world can fulfill its nature; if it can fully realize its nature, it can fully realize human nature; if it can fully realize human nature, it can fully realize the nature of things; if it can fully realize the nature of things, it can praise heaven and earth.” If you can praise the transformation of heaven and earth, then you can join with heaven and earth.” Put yourself on the same level as things, you can forget yourself, and become one with things. Let me give you a simple example: When driving a car, when it comes to a critical moment, the human is the car, and the integration of the human and the car is the best state of control.

Life is like a kaleidoscope, although the colors are different every time, but there are always some things in common: symmetry, similar colors, colorful, dazzling, tired after watching too much. The taste of life is bitter, hot, sour, sweet and salty. In addition to firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, there are also piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, beauty and the beast… Although seeing too much will make you tired, most people still want to increase their experience: read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles.

Some people say that tourism can cultivate sentiment and increase knowledge, and traveling with money is of course very good. In my opinion, travel is not the best. The real travel is not outside the body, but inside the heart. The life in my heart is not only bitter, hot, sour and sweet, but also free and Zen. There are times when you go to the place where the water is poor, and when you sit and watch the clouds rise, there is a bright moon shining among the pines, clear springs and rocks flowing upwards, there are poems and distant places, there are times when you are not in the company of ten thousand dharmas, there are times when the fire burns the bottom of the sea, and the wind blows the mountains… In the early years, I wrote an essay titled “There is a beautiful place in my heart, so I don’t have to travel far”. The heart can hold the world, and the experience of traveling is nothing.

Not everyone can see the “beautiful scenery” in their hearts. “The sound of the stream is full of long tongues, and the scenery of the mountains is nothing but a pure body.” Not everyone can understand the ruthless saying. The Wordless Classic is not readable by everyone. Here I come here to tell you a thing or two, to experience the inner world.

Entering an opera is also called dreaming. In dreams, there are sufferings and joys, but there must be more sufferings than joys, because all living beings have greed, hatred, ignorance, suspicion, and the situations brought about by these emotions are mostly evil ones. Feel the ups and downs of life in the dream. The heavier the habit, the more dangerous the environment feels, and the body and mind are tortured. Most people have mixed feelings of bitterness and happiness. Some people have learned to enjoy bitterness. The online name is: the harder you work, the happier you are.

Some people have savvy, and by chance, they read Buddhist scriptures or were enlightened by others, and they know themselves, knowing that they were originally watching theater, not acting. It is even more wrong to think of yourself as a person in the play, try to come out of the play and wake up from the dream. However, if you get into the drama too deeply, you will be pulled back into your dream from time to time.

The best state of life is to act but not to be in the drama, to be in and out of the drama at any time, this is to live in the present moment. Living in the present moment is sobriety and consciousness. Don’t think about the past, don’t think about the future, I am the world and everything! What realm in life can surpass this experience. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is nothing but this, and Nirvana is nothing but this!

Someone asked here: Didn’t you say that the saint has no self, but here you say that you are the world and everything? If there is no one who is writing here, it can be seen that at least there is something there. This thing can be called East, West, or “I”. Zen Master Yongjia said that separation is not intentional, and the benevolent know it by itself. Don’t think separately, don’t do what I want, I am with the world, no difference.

Wisdom 7: Work is practice

Work is practice, and life is not only a source of help, but also a self-transportation. I can’t remember the original words in Kazuo Inada’s “How to Live”. The general idea is that a person who devotes himself to work can sublimate his personality and sentiment in his work. I have an irritable personality, and every time I arrange a job for me or say that I am wrong, I will immediately reprimand me. For this reason, the leader gave me the nickname “Bai Ranran”. I regretted it afterwards. I know I’m arguing, but I’m still arguing. The leader understood my hypocrisy and didn’t argue with me. Afterwards, I am grateful to the leaders for their generosity.

Gradually curb my irritability at work, and the leader is pleased with my progress in thinking. More importantly, my source of income depends on wages. If I work hard, my wages will be guaranteed. I treat work as a practice and find joy in life while working. Sometimes hard work does not necessarily bring rewards, but hardworking people will not be too unlucky, and there will always be opportunities to make up for the bait thrown out.

I don’t think that a good environment and conditions can make people happy. On the contrary, a superior environment makes people inert and their endurance is reduced. A slight change in the outside world will destroy the mood of doing things, not only wasting life, but also bearing the suffering of life. The harsh north wind has made the Eskimos optimistic. A child who has never experienced hardship will still complain a lot even if he is given the best job.

There is no savior in the world, only self-help. Life is the process of constantly improving cognition and sublimating the soul. In life, we will encounter many sad or helpless things, so that we can learn to cherish and give up, know that we are a very ordinary person, and don’t overestimate ourselves.

Life is like the sea, body is like a ferry. The wind and waves are beating, the big ships are driving, the small boats are running, hunger and pain are always around, we are awakened from lethargy, and after realizing the truth of life, we must take the helm to ferry ourselves. “Uncovering the truth and uncovering the truth, Boluo reveals the truth, Boluo reveals the truth, and Bodhi Sapoha.” Let us reach the other shore together.

Zuo An Ji: The total amount of suffering a person has to suffer is constant. If you don’t suffer this kind of hardship, you will also suffer that kind of hardship. There is nothing great about suffering, and we don’t love suffering. What is great is that we are not afraid of suffering. The hardships we have endured can be turned into light of wisdom, which can be used to light up our dark years and guide others.

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