µMagnetometer – A magnetometer that measures the strength of the magnetic field next to your phone [iPhone]

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µMagnetometer is an iPhone app that measures the strength of the magnetic field near a cell phone and supports alarms. @Appinn

µMagnetometer - 磁力计,测量手机旁边的磁场强度[iPhone]

A message from Master’s House .

µMagnetometer – Magnetometer

It’s very simple, true magnetometer , the closer the magnet is to the top of the back of the iPhone, the higher the value.

With audible and visual alarms, the sound is very hardcore, similar to the alarm sound effect of nuclear leaks in the movie, the visual alarm will be full-screen red:

µMagnetometer - 磁力计,测量手机旁边的磁场强度[iPhone] 1

Originally wanted to say #only one function , but µMagnetometer also has an inexplicable AR drawing function, which is in the lower left corner of the above picture, I don’t know what it can do…


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