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[Chat] Talk about what has happened since the blog was created – until 2021-09-11

2022 edition

Haha, everyone met again, although it may only be me, but I still record it

since 2022

I haven’t paid much attention to blogs and knowledge about networking, and only a few articles have been updated (and a few are paddling haha)


The blogs of my friends close one by one

I’m ashamed to say that, I still think of the idea of ​​”my blog should keep running” when I first started my blog, otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense whether it exists or not now.


A lot of things have happened this year, such as academics, such as life

May 26, 2022

Participated in the biology practical examination, accounting for 10 points of biology, and then took the most difficult question No. 4, making a temporary film of oral epithelial cells, I still remember my hands shaking when I was doing the experiment, hahaha, and then when the iodine solution was dripped Accidentally dripped into the side part. I wanted to start redoing the test because I was “cautious”, and I didn’t listen to the teacher next to me saying “OK, keep doing it”. I felt that I was sometimes stubborn and stubborn. I did it again and still got full marks.

June 28, 2022

Participated in the first big test in life, the middle school entrance examination, we went to other schools to take the test, waited in the school hall about an hour in advance + reviewed, there were more than 500 people in the whole grade, and it was all the sound of syllabus turning pages and exchanges, me and a Xueba bet on the question there (the result was too simple, it should be the reason for the “double reduction”) and none of them were pressed.

After the last speech of the teacher before entering the examination room, we gave each other high fives and encouraged each other; we laughed when we left the examination room, ecstatic when we got the score, and then sighed when we got the score line (Biology A+ line 100 points Geography 98)

July 4, 2022

The result of the test is not ideal, mainly because the English test is poor, you still have to find the reason from yourself

Summer 2022

I found a good software for memorizing English. My cousin recommended it to me. I started clocking in in August. It has been nearly two months now. I found that my memory is very strong.

When I saw bilibili, I saw two games “Hell on Earth” and “Tactical Squad”

It feels very fun, a team-based hardcore war game, but the computer configuration is too low, and there is no time, but it has stimulated my interest in learning English

Many goals set were not achieved

September 2022

In the third year of junior high school, the classroom went down from the 5th floor to the 2nd floor.

At the beginning of school, a lot of materials came, everything from one book to one, and some listening and speaking training.

But in general, it is no different from the second year of junior high school, except that there is an English test on Friday night.

Two weeks later, I have to take exams every night. There is quite a lot of homework.

The added chemistry feels good

Tencent Cloud 246

A Guangzhou 246, which was given back by old Tencent Cloud customers a year ago, will expire on October 2nd.


I installed win10 system, hung up QQ, WeChat, just because its configuration is higher than my computer. . . (Right now I’m using this server to write this article)

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I will continue to work hard, and the blog will be updated from time to time, but I will rarely go to war. Thank you for your support.

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