【Water】It seems that I spend most of the day just wanting to add something I want to my homepage but it doesn’t seem to be practical.jpg

things are like this

Last week, because I only had one day off, and then it happened to be Sunday again, and I wanted to improve the website

As a result, it happened in the afternoon of the day I returned to school, and when everyone was about to go to the pick-up point, the problem in the dark mode of the device was solved.

Before modification, it is like this Before modification, it is like this

After modification, it looks like this After modification, it looks like this

But I’m not satisfied with simply supporting dark mode, and even want to “dynamically change content according to whether the device is in dark mode”

Of course, I just completed a judgment at that time (although I still copied other people’s code by reading online information)

This week is a normal holiday, so when I woke up on Saturday, I remembered the function I wanted to achieve last week.

Although I don’t know how to open PageSpeed ​​Insights to run down the score

The result of running is that the most clear problem I remember is to use document.write()

Then I searched for information, copied the code, changed the code, modified the background picture, and realized the idea mentioned above by the way.

(Submitted a total of 2 commits)

The implementation is achieved, the optimization is also optimized, the score is almost full, and then… I remembered an article

Otherwise, improve the support for Twitter cards by the way.jpg

And it didn’t take long to support Twitter Cards

It is estimated that facebook does not care, because it has already helped and supported by the way (surely)

(4 commits submitted in total)

After the support is over, I wonder if I should also support the link preview of telegram.

(laughs) 15:09 Visit the search engine ~ 15:44 Visit the last relevant webpage

Later, I pushed it up and took a look (because there was a link to the actual test, but I didn’t mention it), I felt that the color was a little light

By the way, I ps it (online ps (sure))

(A total of 5 commits submitted)

I thought it was over here, then I opened the InPrivate window, went to the website, F12, Lighthouse

The result of running is that robots.txt is missing

Then I quickly adapted, modified some content and remarks, and added the theme color (

(A total of 7 commits were submitted)

After handing in, I feel.. Should the title be changed hhh, after all, I didn’t find my own homepage when I searched for lijiakaijun

(A total of 8 commits were submitted)

After modifying the title of the homepage, I opened Google search consloe to see if my homepage was included.

And then… still not included, because there is a “canonical URL selected by Google”, and that website is still the one with my own ml domain name

This… it’s better to specify

(A total of 8 commits were submitted)

After submitting, I remembered when I tested the website, why didn’t I get 404 pages in the first place?

Then I copied the homepage and got a 404 page, um

(A total of 9 commits were submitted)

After submitting, test whether the 404 page can be loaded normally when requesting non-existent content

The result is yes, but there is no favicon

So make a little repair (

(A total of 12 commits were submitted)

It’s over, and then… ah yes, README.md has not been updated for a long time, please update it

By the way, solve the problem that js is loaded or the previous problem (referring to renaming to solve)

(A total of 13 commits were submitted)

And then because of the problem of their own website icon, a total of 16 commits were submitted

Yes, that’s right, because of https:// this I missed a slash

Grass, I am ()

It’s basically over here. It was about 8 o’clock in the evening. I just watched the video, backed up some things, and cleaned up the storage space.

until 1 hour ago


After submitting, I originally wanted to shut down, but remembered that the others page in the blog was not updated, and then updated it a little.

And then, I’m about to turn off the computer, first open the telegram in the tray to clean up the messages

I saw someone in the affiliated group of Pianyu’s channel replying, so I remembered if I had registered an account of Pianyu

But after opening it, I don’t know what to write

So I dragged the mouse, clicked the word “article” on the left, and then created a new article

What to write? Otherwise, write what I did yesterday

The title is “It seems like I spend most of the day just trying to add something I want to my homepage that doesn’t seem to be useful.jpg”

Okay, let’s do it, although you don’t think it’s too watery?

My sister came out when I was writing, but she came to eat the instant noodles I bought last week…

very nice

Finish writing, publish, then continue to read the news and prepare to shut down the computer

After reading the news, I checked my phone by the way, and suddenly remembered that I was not worried about the content of the new article before.

Then can’t I take this opportunity to write an article?

Hey, just do it, although it is Windows 11 just installed a few days ago, git and node.js are installed, but Hexo has not been installed globally

So I get an error when I hexo new post 好像我这一整天下来大部分时间只是为了想要给我主页添加个我想要的但似乎没什么实用性的东西.jpg

Well, after the installation, save the picture and push it to the picture warehouse (

Write here, this article even if the water is over

After all, there is nothing to see, so when I wrote this paragraph, I added “[Water]” to the title.

To remind you, this is a water article, you can read it or not

But it seems that in fact, there is not much time for brushing and pushing in a day, which is still very good.

After all, in terms of Twitter, to be honest, the tweeting circle is quite messy. If you pay more attention, your time list will be filled with all kinds of things that can make you feel irritable, including but not limited to key political ones, etc.

So this may be why I choose to “hibernate”, although not fully hibernated.

Sometimes it’s good to find something for yourself to do, I think

I almost played some music… Oh, I played聴いて(youtube.com) from Luna’s yuanfen album yesterday and Saturday for almost 100 times hahaha

Okay, I feel a sore back, I just rubbed my eyes

So before the end of this article, I will put a picture to take a look (what to look at)

lijiajunljj_lijia.ml.webp It’s really spectacular

Don’t ask why you don’t get a local server, but push to the production environment

It’s a habit to ask, lazy

That’s all, good night everyone (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

(In order to find a Yan expression on Gboard, I personally opened twitter to search for the reply tweets, but did not remember that I logged in to WeChat)

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