0605 – Thoughts are their own

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The group of friends summed up a lot of thinking about the transaction, and finally said that this is also in line with the ABCD system of the north. But Xiang Beizheng said that there are not so many factors to consider in the transaction, so just stick to the simple things.

That’s kind of interesting. Limited by language and form, there is a discrepancy between the thoughts a person expresses and his true thoughts. When others see the idea of ​​this output, they will definitely add their own knowledge system and experience to understand. There is a big difference between the ideas obtained in this way and the ideas in the original head.

It’s like you draw me guessing game. The person in the back draws with his fingers on the back of the person in front, and the person in front continues to draw on the back of the person in front of him. By the end, the picture is completely out of shape.

But it doesn’t matter much, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be consistent with other people’s ideas. It doesn’t matter if you absorb other people’s thoughts, it doesn’t matter whether you are deformed or not, it is enough to improve yourself.

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