0608 – A few tick costs when opening a position

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The line price is used to place an order by drawing a line, but the result is no transaction. Seeing that the price is far away from the line price, there is no chance for a rebound transaction.

At that time, he hesitated and did not immediately follow the order. As a result, as the price fell, I felt distressed for those few jumps, and I was even more reluctant to place an order.

Originally, I thought that the price would rebound, so I just let it go. When I looked at it later, it was still not sold, and I felt that the price was relatively weak. Thinking about it, if I miss this opportunity, will I regret it and accept it. After thinking about the answer, I opened the position manually. Sure enough, shortly after opening the position, the price jumped down again.

When the opportunity comes, if you miss the best position to open a position, don’t miss the opportunity because you feel distressed about those few jumps and don’t dare to open a position, because these may be the most expensive jumps in the world, and this is what this order brings me the most. significance.

PS: Adjusted the use of overpriced for drawing lines, and similar problems should not occur after that.

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