1,000 BYD D1s will land in Mexico to form the largest overseas pure electric taxi fleet

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Pinwan, April 25, learned from BYD that VEMO, the largest local new energy transportation operator in Mexico, recently purchased a total of 1,000 D1s from BYD Mexico, of which 200 have been put into operation locally.

BYD said that these 1,000 D1s form the largest pure electric taxi fleet overseas. VEMO says the fleet helps to reduce local carbon dioxide emissions by 20,000 tons per year, the equivalent of planting 1 million trees.

The D1 is equipped with a BYD blade battery with a maximum cruising range ( NEDC ) of 418 kilometers. The right rear door of D1 adopts the design of side sliding door, which is convenient for rear passengers to get on and off, and can also avoid safety accidents caused by visual blind spots.

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