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The story of the ping command

In the past two days, I have been studying some network problems of clusters. I have been looking around and found this article by accident. It is a story about this command written by the author of the ping command.

The essence of the ping command is to send a data packet that requires an echo, and judge the connectivity and delay with the remote host according to the time and quantity of the echo message received.

One night in December 1983, the author and his colleagues encountered a network failure, so he quickly wrote the first version of the ping program. Interestingly, before his program ran, his colleagues had already solved the network failure.

Since the working mechanism of ping is very similar to the echolocation mechanism in sonar, the program is named ping with the sound of sonar. You can listen to the sound of sonar in this video of station B

Afterwards, this program was integrated into BSD Unix, windows 95 / windows NT and other operating systems.

Ten years later, the author also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the USENIX Association.

How to Calculate the Age of Koreans

South Korea recently announced the use of internationally accepted age calculation rules, abolishing the two age calculation methods that have been used in South Korea before.

All Koreans may be “younger” by 1 to 2 years.

There are two age methods that have been used in Korea before:

The first type: birth is 1 year old, and every time January 1st passes, one year will increase, so a person born on December 31st will be 2 years old on January 2nd.

The second type: birth is 0 years old, every January 1st, increase one year old.

To be honest, I don’t really believe this news, but after checking it, it seems to be true…

95% of social app unicorn users are robots

IRL is a social unicorn APP, a social APP for the Z era, which can be understood as Facebook + Discord, and has received investment from Softbank. IRL, the abbreviation of In Real Life, focuses on a real Real. As a result, the board of directors survey found that In 95% of Real Life users are not Real.

Now that IRL has closed down, it is estimated that it is not far from closing down.

AI 4K Video Repair Tool

Station B often sees UP masters posting 4K repaired old videos. It is said that this tool is used for 299 dollars. If you want to be a video UP master, you can play with it, but I don’t know if the video creation incentive can pay back the 299 dollars.

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Building a Better 1-Person Business

This article believes that if you want to do a good job as a one-person enterprise, you should not focus on the big market, but focus on the small market:

  1. Don’t do a business that requires a large number of users/customers to make money

  2. Don’t Pricing Too Low

  3. For companies/enterprises, not for individual consumers

  4. Don’t choose big market

How small can a program that just prints Hi to the console be


The author writes a very simple program in assembly language/C language/Go language/Rust language and compares the size of binary files.

Please draw a villain – fun interactive game


A very interesting web game, your task is to draw a villain and draw various props in the following plot to complete the plot, you can also see what the villains drawn by others look like here

Edge browser may leak URLs you visit to Bing

Edge browser has a default open function called “Follow Creator”. The general function is that if you visit Youtube, Bilibili and other creator homepages, you can see a button called Follow. After clicking, Edge browses The browser will notify you when content from these creators is updated.

The question is, how does the Edge browser know whether the webpage you visit is the creator’s page and then show you the follow button? The way to achieve this is to send the URL you visit to an API of Bing.

This means that the Bing API knows all the URLs you have visited.

If you don’t need this feature, it is recommended to turn it off in the settings.

Reddit threatens to remove moderators who keep subreddits private

The issue of Reddit API pricing has not yet passed, the sub-forums participating in the protest have changed their status to private, Reddit recently sent a message to those moderators, if you do not change to public by the end of this week, your moderator permissions will be removed.

The /r/programmerhumor board I often read has been changed to public, but the protests continue, just in a different way, for example, the titles of all posts under this board must be named in hump (too programmer) , the style of painting is as follows:



Full Body GameBoy – Play games with your body

In the previous issue, a Youtube UP master used Python, OpenCV and other technologies to implement a Full Body Keyboard, typing with body posture, this time he is still, but changed from typing with his body to playing games with his body, the technology is basically It’s still the same technology, but it’s more fun to use it in the game.

The link is a Youtube video, which shows playing games like Super Mario/Racing with your body. Although the experience is not perfect, at least the goal of fitness has been achieved.

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