2021 Medical Accelerator Short Report (with report)


Three major application scenarios of medical accelerators: Accelerators can be divided into three major application scenarios in the medical field: radiation therapy equipment, environmental protection and isotope production. External radiation therapy equipment is the main application scenario, and can be divided into electrons, protons and heavy ions according to the different types of particles to be accelerated. The positioning accuracy and safety of protons and heavy ions are higher than that of electrons, but the manufacturing difficulty is high, and it is difficult to be difficult in the short term. Widespread promotion. Environmentally friendly accelerators use electron beams to irradiate sewage to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. Isotope production relies on a cyclotron to produce radionuclides by accelerating electrons to a certain energy and then bombarding the target nucleus with a nuclear reaction to produce radionuclides for the preparation of nuclear medicines.

Current status of medical accelerator supply in China: The number of medical accelerators in China continues to grow, among which the increase in electron linear accelerators is more obvious, and the number of electron linear accelerators is much higher than that of electron cyclotrons and proton accelerators. The reason is that the application of electron linear accelerators is more mature. Primary source of radiation therapy. China’s proton accelerators are in their infancy, with 2 units built in 2015 and only 3 units in 2020, with a low market presence. Electron cyclotrons are mainly used for the production of isotopes, but their production scale is lower than that of reactors. The production of isotopes currently depends on reactors, and the degree of localization of electron cyclotrons is low. Therefore, the current market share in China is relatively low. In the short term, the medical accelerator market is still dominated by electron linear accelerators.

Market opportunities for Chinese accelerator manufacturers: Chinese accelerator suppliers are far less advanced in technology than international manufacturers, and are not competitive in the tertiary hospital market. Their customer base can sink to primary hospitals, and such hospitals have performance and functional requirements for radiotherapy equipment. It is not high, it only needs to meet the basic requirements of conventional radiotherapy and conformal radiotherapy, and it is more sensitive to price. Local companies can reduce prices to seize this part of the market through strict cost control.

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