I stayed up for a whole week last week, and I have been writing Pegboard. My WWDC scholarship project was originally going to be called Scripting Node Editor, but a senior called it, so I thought of a more lifelike name. Finally, it was submitted and open sourced to GitHub . It didn’t take long before I started to write a Term Project for another course. I promised my classmates to do it before, but I didn’t start writing until the last day of due. In the end, I finished writing, and at four or five o’clock, I handed in my things and lay down. It seems that I had a lot to say when I was sleepy and tired last week, but now I can’t remember it at all. I will write when I remember. Now I just continue to do other homework, and then graduate in mid-May, go to the graduation ceremony, and then Go out and play.

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