2022-43: Self-regulation at work

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For well-known reasons, I haven’t been in good shape in recent weeks and feel like my life is full of uncertainty. Every day, I am very anxious to read the news, wandering in various groups, repeating jokes that I find crooked, venting useless dissatisfaction, and forwarding the great and correct news of victory. The manifestation at work is that it is difficult to settle down and start work. After sitting down for a long time, I want to check Twitter again to see if there is any new good news. The side manifestation is that my League of Legends mobile game Super Smash Bros. is messed up. The highest title of the King of Fighters.

This has gotten a lot better recently with the help of my lover and is finally starting to be able to do some work and deliver results. Today, this weekly report will talk about the measures I have taken to help me get through this difficult time~

Introduce life constants

After realizing my abnormality, my spouse began to actively introduce life constants, and the measures taken include:

Get up early every day

The time to get up has not been stable before. According to when I went to bed the day before, it would be random between 8:00 and 12:00, and sometimes I would sleep until the afternoon. When I was in a bad state, I adopted the system of being forced to get up at 9 o’clock every day. It would be more comfortable to water the potted plants and tease the dog in the sun. Then I started to work. However, this is not easy to implement, because the (effective and economical ) dynamic zero-clearing measures will require the whole community to be screened at 6:00. At that time, you will be forced to get up earlier, and then you will be in a trance all day.

walk the dog at night

Going out to walk the dog was also irregular. Recently, I have been forced to go for a walk in a large park in the distance at 10 o’clock every night. The distance is about two kilometers back and forth. This is of great help to the improvement of the mental state. The excited mood of the puppy after going out can obviously infect me, and the state of being at home the next day is also more lively. Once, I met a dog owner who also chose to go out late at night. They stood and chatted together for more than an hour. During this period, the dogs on both sides had a very intense chase, and I felt that they had a great time. Thank you for my lover’s hard work and persistence, taking tough measures to force me out of the house, and groaning when I don’t want to go out. Otherwise, I might choose to lie at home every day.

Say goodbye to grand narratives

When the enthusiasm for work is high, various grand reconstruction schemes and planning functions are always proposed, and the various challenges and difficulties encountered are not a problem; Difficult to muster the courage to take the first step, full of frustration and failure. In order to ease this mood, I chose to put these particularly big plans on hold first, start with some small and specific work, and restore my senses through stable delivery.

In the past few weeks, I have read all the Issues in the Databend project. Issues that are no longer valid are closed directly. Issues that cannot be acted upon have been moved to the discussion area. Issues with unclear status have also commented, asking participants to give more information. This action cut the number of Issues in Databend from 530+ to 480+, and cleaned up a lot of outdated Issues.

Also I picked up experience optimization work:

  • The configuration loading of Databend has been improved. When an error occurs, it will report an error and exit directly instead of using the default value to load. This can effectively prevent users from automatically entering the default mode when the configuration is written incorrectly.
  • The logging experience of Databend has been improved. Different Logging Targets have added format support. Now stderr and file can choose to use a more readable format or JSON, which is more suitable for outputting to the log service.
  • Implemented User Stage for Databend, now users can use COPY INTO table FROM @~ to copy data from their own User Stage

The requirements and implementation of these tasks are very clear and simple. It does not involve collaboration and communication with other teams. The delivery cycle is also very short, and basically one or two PRs can be done. Completing these simple tasks has allowed me to regain a certain level of work ability and begin to regain a sense of control. Great work and cool features are good, but when you’re not in a good state, it’s also a good choice to start with simple and easy things.


When you are in a bad state at work, you can try to adjust from the external environment and the work itself, chat more with your friends and loved ones, and actively adjust and persevere. I wish everyone can get out of the difficult time as soon as possible, and the good days are still to come~

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