202208: Cicadas sing in the empty mulberry forest, Xiaoguan Road in August

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1st week of August

  • Start the “Intermediate Python” course, mainly some operations of Matplotlib visualization. This official card is often turned out to look at. Other notes are placed on Notion.
    Matplotlib Cheatsheet
  • Start to discover the joy of coding 😊 Could this be a new world?
  • It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the cinema. Recently, Shen Teng released a new movie “Moon Alone” . The good news is that there is no more bad news, and the bad news is that there is no more good news.
  • Chopsticks Little Hand updated an article: “Dragon King Village: Be the one who climbs mountains and mountains” , hiking 12 kilometers is indeed a big challenge, so in the end I joked: “Hiking, cured my mental internal friction!”
  • After swimming home at night, I have been concerned about whether US House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi will go to Taiwan, and finally landed at Songshan Airport at 10:45 pm on August 2. At around 10:20, Chinese fighter jets flew over the Taiwan Strait, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a solemn protest at around 10:50, and at around 11:00, Xinhua News Agency released a notice of the South China Sea exercise in the Eastern Theater Command, showing a situation of encirclement.
    Exercise area
  • I finished reading Guo Jianlong’s new book “The Collapse of the Prosperous Age: Politics, War and Poetry during the Prosperous Tang and the An-Shi Rebellion” overnight. Sigh, it is better to be a cannon fodder in troubled times than to be a leek in a prosperous world, and it is better to devote yourself to study and be pragmatic. Excerpts from some perspectives:
    • The situation that forced Shi Siming to rebel was the same as the situation that forced An Lushan to rebel back then. Because their power was too great, it had already exceeded the system design of the Tang Dynasty. Unless they died, it would not be enough to satisfy the system.
    • After all, in the environment of the Tang Dynasty, people with extreme positions of power either died or rebelled, and all the court could do was to deal with him before he rebelled.
    • One of the great advantages of unification in the Tang Dynasty was that officials in the Tang Dynasty were mobilized by the central government. They had to wander around the country, which formed the so-called eunuch ethos, that is, people traveled around China in order to become officials in their lifetimes. Similar to the officials, the literati in the Tang Dynasty also formed an atmosphere of traveling. Therefore, the Tang Dynasty can be said to be one of the most developed dynasties in China’s tourism industry.
    • Work at sunrise, come in and rest. Dig wells to drink, till fields to eat.
    • At first, the chiefs of the three provinces were all prime ministers, which means that from the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the prime ministers were not a single person, but a group.
    • Bloody infighting, powerful enemies on the frontier, and lack of money in finances, these three deadly points became the heartache that plagued successive emperors of the Tang Dynasty.
  • The WeChat reading team seems to have published a batch of old books. As soon as Mao Zedong’s “Practice” was on the shelves, they went to read it. Chairman Mao taught us:

    The truth is discovered through practice, and the truth is confirmed and developed through practice.

  • I ran a total of 8.97 kilometers this week, and the weather was too hot.
    Screenshot of running

2nd week of August

  • 筷子小手updated an article: “Youting Old Street: The Prosperity of Chengyu East Road”
  • Turn off the WeChat Moments, do not spy on other people’s lives, and do not deliberately shape your own image.
  • A group of four friends came to Guizhou to study, and they encountered the popular Internet platforms “Village BA” and “Cow Fight”. They went to the former site of the Liping Conference, the ancient city of Longli, Sansui County E-commerce Industrial Park, and Rongjiang County New Media Industrial Park, Huanggang Village, Gaohua Yao Village. This trip to Liping in Guizhou has been fruitful. I read more, think more, go out and meet more people.
  • I have been studying in Guizhou this week, and I missed running and reading. I only ran two kilometers when I returned to Chongqing on Sunday.

3rd week of August

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4th week of August

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