2023 New Year Message

In the year of 2022, so many things happened that it was overwhelming. Recalling the Winter Olympics and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine at the beginning of the year, it seems that they are so far away that it is almost hard to believe that they also happened this year.

In 2022, many major events have occurred in the world, but history has its own direction, and each of us has our own way of living.

This year, we came out with the epidemic, but the epidemic should not be the theme of my life-not life under the epidemic, but life encountering the epidemic. We want to control our lives, not be controlled by the epidemic.

The slack time has been picked up, and everyone is looking forward to tomorrow, waiting for a new story to begin.

In the new year, we must remain firm in our hearts. No matter what the road ahead is, we must go through it carefully to finally count.

1. Why not stay young forever and love life?

Youth is not only about age, but also about state of mind. With a passion for life, a positive attitude, pursuit, hope, and not discouragement, no matter what age you are, you can live a fun life.

2. Why not stay healthy and keep flowing?

As long as the health is still there, even if you fall into a trough, you can always make a comeback; if you lose your health, no matter how ambitious you are, it will not help. Do the best you can, but don’t do it at the expense of your own health.

3. Why not let the good and the bad pass?

No matter how many weird and bizarre illusions the world presents in front of you, you can accept and face them with a calm and peaceful heart. Perhaps, because of such a heart, although there will still be pain and setbacks, everything will pass and everything will be fine.

Yes, all things pass, good and bad. Regardless of good times or bad times, there is no knot in this world that cannot be untied, and there is no river that cannot be crossed. The past is not for nostalgia, only the present is the most important thing to you.

4. Why not focus on it, it will be effective?

Concentrating on doing one thing, creating something, and getting a little sense of accomplishment from it can greatly relieve the pain and uncertainty in life. What works and is effective is never a grand goal, but a system that is internalized into every day’s life. Rather than complicated actions, it is more useful to “nudge” your living system step by step.

What really keeps you going is not willpower, but your strong desire to accomplish something and achieve a certain state. Most of the time, doing or not doing is just a thought. When you think of it, do it, don’t make excuses for yourself, and don’t procrastinate. Only action can truly resolve anxiety.

5. Why not protect your heart?

An untrained and subdued mind, even if it understands a lot of truths, can’t handle homework, can’t resist the annoyance and pain in life, and can’t calm the torment caused by inner desires. No matter how good the reasoning is, you can’t use it in your life. Therefore, we should start with simple and repetitive things, and do them first, so as to polish and train our hearts. When the heart is settled, when the truth can blend in with you, and you can really practice it.

The word “企” in oracle bone inscriptions means that people stand on tiptoes and straighten their bodies to look around. To deal with life, you have intentions and hope, and you are more courageous.

Bei Dao said in the poem: “All hopes are accompanied by annotations.” So, let us give some annotations of hope to life together! Bring expectations, because you want to live a better life; bring courage, because you have to run towards the expectations of many people!


May your journey ahead,

often have fun

May you climb mountains and wade through water,

Finally got what you want

I wish you all a Happy New Year! thank you all!

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