Those years, the joy of those people

Text/Zhou Mobai

This is the second person I remember from high school . I will also write about many people who constituted my high school and my youth.

After thinking about it for a long time, I don’t know what to write about Huanhuan. It’s not that there is nothing to write, but there are too many to write. I don’t know where to start writing him, he is definitely a legend, a legend second only to me.


Huanhuan is definitely a genius! Faced with a math problem that I have been thinking about for hours and using 500 formulas and still can’t figure it out, he often only needs a disdainful glance to get the idea, and then I see the answer appearing on my test paper superior. Afterwards he smiled lightly, leaving me stunned alone in the wind.

Every time I encounter this kind of situation, there will always be a voice roaring in my heart: “I am X, can you stop doing this! You will die if you are not so smart! I am also a person who has entered the top ten in mathematics! You make me How can I mess around! Can we still have fun together!”

Of course, if it’s just that, I’ll bear it. After all, I am a tolerant person. But what makes me even more angry with this kid is: he basically doesn’t listen to math class! In at least three of my ten classes, I saw him being punished by the math teacher for reading magazine novels. Don’t ask me why he went to seven classes, either he has a good collection of books or he went to sleep in a daze. Oh my god, I’m no better than a person who reads novels in class after exhausting my math problems, it’s really unreasonable! There is no way to live through this day, whoever is spared by the heavens, whoever is spared!

However, because Huanhuan likes to peek at novel magazines, I also bought a lot of free books. Although Huanhuan said that he was not happy every time, but I knew that this kid actually laughed countless times in his heart. After all, there are so many little girls who follow me. Otherwise, on the day of graduation, can he go back with a few large boxes of miscellaneous books?

But then one day, Huanhuan suddenly stopped buying books and didn’t like to lend books to girls.

I think he may have fallen in love with a certain girl, or been hurt by a relationship.

In my memory, Huanhuan only loved that girl from the beginning to the end. It’s hard to imagine that a person like him who is obsessed with novels and has a childish personality will fall in love with someone, and he still falls in love with such a school bully and good girl. The heart of a good school girl is probably cold, or even if love and emotion have already converged into a hot current in her heart, she will pretend to be cold and reject others thousands of miles away. I know that girl also likes Huanhuan, but she can’t choose love. Because her college dream will not allow it, her efforts will not allow it, her parents will not allow it, and the worldly rules will not allow it.

I understand this, but I don’t know if Huanhuan knows.

Maybe he doesn’t know, so he loves without hesitation.

Or maybe he knows, so he loves even more without hesitation.

If you go to pick autumn fruits in summer, the taste is bound to be bitter. Huanhuan’s rose is also doomed to be “blown away by the rain and the wind”.

Huanhuan failed, I laughed at him, but I was actually laughing at myself. I don’t even have the courage to love.

Later, Huanhuan bought a few cans of beer and “toasted to invite the bright moon with me, and we became three people”. He stared at the moon with his head up at 45 degrees and said: “I don’t want to chase anymore, I’m so tired. I have to study hard.” I don’t know how to comfort him. In fact, I didn’t want to comfort him at the time. What I want to say It was: “Damn you, let me accompany you to drink away your worries and get a bottle of Tsingtao anyway! What’s the matter with fruit beer!”

In the end, Huanhuan was still “not guaranteed at the end of the festival”. On Christmas in the third year of high school, Huanhuan still gave the girl a bunch of gifts as expected by the class, but the two sides had a tacit understanding and did not fall in love.

Both Huanhuan and the girl knew that the third year of high school was coming to an end, and high school was coming to an end, and it was too late.

I knew that with Huanhuan’s talent, if she had been stalking, she would have been with that girl long ago. In that way, that day may not be “when is the blue sky and the moon will come, I will hold a beer and ask.” It will be “a luminous glass of fine wine and grapes, and everyone will get drunk if the wine is not intoxicating”. However, Huanhuan did not do that. I know that Huanhuan is to protect the dream of his beloved girl, and he understands that the wings of the senior year cannot bear anything other than the college entrance examination.

I often see a girl scolding with red eyes after being cheated by a scumbag: “Why did I fall in love with him blindly?”

Girl, it’s not your fault. The person who really loves you is always used to silently guarding you behind you, even if it is a ray of breeze, he is afraid that it will disturb you. Those scumbags who are greedy for your beauty and plotting against your figure will only stand in front of you, flatter you in every possible way, and sing for you “The mountains have no edges, the heavens and the earth are in harmony. Only then can they dare to break with you.” Let me ask, in such sweet words, Which girl can stop such a vow of eternal love?

Girl, it’s not your fault, but I want to say you deserve it. Why have you never wondered why the sun is so bright, the breeze is so refreshing, and the world is so peaceful? Why didn’t you look back and find that person who has suffered vicissitudes for you without words? Why do you only hear sweet words but not sincere words? Why can you only see your frown and smile in the eyes of the scumbag but not your health, your future, and your future in the eyes of the scumbag…

I heard that there are two kinds of people who find it difficult to reap love, one is unrequited love for a single flower, and the other is a garden full of flowers blooming in spring. Huanhuan is the first type, I thought I was the second type, but later I found out that it doesn’t seem to be the case. But this is not important anymore, the important thing is that we finally returned to the team of single dogs with peace of mind, only single dogs can become good brothers. And where there are brothers, there are rivers and lakes.

The best thing about Huanhuan is not his mathematical talent, nor his dedication to love and kindness and gentleness to his lover. It’s that he, as a student in a key class, is still a mess! And he’s doing well, at least three years in high school, I haven’t seen him being beaten.

There has always been a wise saying in the Jianghu: “Which big brother didn’t come here after being beaten.” I think this is probably the reason why Huanhuan has never become the boss.

Although Huanhuan is not the boss of the grade, he has participated in more battles than any other boss, which is also an important reason why I call him a legend. Although Huanhuan has participated in countless battles, I have never seen him actually fight. In those years, the appointments between students were usually after evening self-study, which was also Huanhuan’s supper time. So you can always see Huanhuan following behind the team with a bowl of instant noodles. I have never been able to figure out which side he is on. In fact, he is often not sure which side he is on. But there is one thing, that is, in the end of the battle, he will definitely become the winning side. So Huanhuan has never been defeated in military service all his life. At this point, I think I can probably compete with Zhao Zilong.

Another problem of Huanhuan is that she likes to smoke, and she always has enough money at the end of every month. I often laugh at him, “Twenty at the beginning of the month, and nine and a half yuan at the end of the month. You have to save it.” But even though he has already run out of food, whenever he encounters a friend asking for help, he will generously support one or two. Every time I see Huanhuan tearfully handing out cigarettes to his friends carefully, I always think of a sentence in “Young and Dangerous”: “We come out to hang out, and what we talk about is loyalty.”

Those who love others will always love them. If Huanhuan wasn’t a loyal person, he probably wouldn’t have such a good brother, nor would he have a big brother who helped him get ahead and was willing to bear the punishment for him.

Still don’t know how to define him, genius? Iron man tenderness? Or a bastard? Neither seems to be the case. Perhaps as I said at the beginning, he is a legend, an indescribable legend.

Zuo An Ji: High school is the most youthful and energetic time in one’s life, and it is also a critical period for character development. We often lament the talent and self-willedness of Xueba, admire their learning ability, envy their understanding, and lament that they don’t cherish their natural self-willedness enough. However, how can a person be perfect? ​​A top student can be easy in learning, but may be shortcoming in personnel matters. Someone like Huanhuan is indeed a legend.

Reminder: For your health, don’t smoke; for your youth growth, don’t fight.

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