202307: This year’s autumn is early and cool, and July is already bleak

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July 1st week

  • Wang Baoqiang’s movie “In the Octagonal Cage” is fine. The extreme poverty makes a boxing outlet even more precious. The scene where the coach carries a chicken back to his hometown to see his mother really moved me.
  • I am studying in Chongqing Technology and Business University this week, and I want to go for a run in the evening.
  • After reading the book “Chip Wars” , it turns out that the chips I understand are only in the field of consumer electronics. The book introduces the decisive role of chips in wars. During the Gulf War in 1990, the US military’s high-precision strikes were able to be completed, thanks to a small chip. During the Vietnam War, the accuracy of U.S. artillery shells was not high. It was basically equivalent to blind casting. Whether it could hit was a matter of luck.
  • This five days at Chongqing Technology and Business University.
  • Go to Beibei to trace the river on Saturday! ! ! The weather in Chongqing is too hot, the water is cool!
  • I spent my weekend reading a book. It was a book written by a Frenchman condemning the long-arm jurisdiction of the United States, which cited many cases. The title of the book is “The Hidden War” . Between the lines, the French author reveals a feeling of hatred for the French government, and there is a subtext of “I’ve been bullied like this, so hurry up and go back!”
  • Yellen’s visit to China, ants were fined, gallium and germanium export controls.

July 2nd week

  • The second week is spent in busy work. also participated in a game 😂
  • This week is said to be the hottest in 100,000 years globally.
  • I went to Ya’an to attend a wedding on the weekend. It turned out that Ya’an was the capital city of Xikang Province . The current GDP is 90 billion, which is equivalent to a district in Chongqing.
  • I saw a sentence: Now young people are tossing back and forth between the two slogans of “be brave enough to be yourself” and “cannot be defined”. Shields and placebos for wrong choices.

3rd week of July

  • China’s local debt, where is the problem?
  • Go to Fuling, the town of Maxim Red Wine.
  • The filth of the country is called the master of the country; the bad luck of the country is the king of the world.
  • On a business trip to Shenzhen on weekends, a night of barbecue will start the work of the next week. On the plane back, I saw a movie called “The Banker” , and the narrative was a bit anticlimactic.

4th week of July

  • Time flies so fast, the Universiade is going to be held in Chengdu next door.
  • Watching “Three Thousand Miles of Chang’an” , I lamented Li Bai’s life of ups and downs. Compared with Gao Shi’s steady progress and the creation of the current situation, Gao Shi’s choice may be more suitable for ordinary people. Dapeng rises with the same wind in one day, soaring up to 90,000 li. If the wind breaks down, it can still shake the dark water. Riding the wind rises, the natural wind rests and descends. This movie is very good as a children’s enlightenment of Tang poetry.
  • After reading a history book “Difficult Roads: Five Choices for the Path to Socialism in China” , there are only more than 200 pages but it is very beautiful! National history must read.
  • “I love you! “ This movie is not bad, the acting skills of the old actors are really good.
  • Local finances are becoming more and more difficult: the central government has continuously issued documents to support the private economy, constantly adjusted the previously severely suppressed real estate industry policies, and relaxed the Internet platform companies. Perhaps from the perspective of private enterprises, the most hopeful policy is continuity and stability.
  • It has been more than a year since I closed Moments. At the beginning, I just wanted to tear off the social filters and be myself again. It is more authentic to record your thoughts and thoughts in the form of a blog. It’s okay, slowly weaning off the “addiction to social showing off” is getting easier and easier. On the day when the circle of friends is reopened, my mind must be much more mature.

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