Have you ever used HTML kbd, var, samp elements?

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1. Code Presentation Elements

In the past, I used <code> element to represent the code. Recently, after a deep understanding, I found that there are quite a lot of HTML elements that represent the code or can be used to represent the code, including the following four.

  • kbd: the text entered by the keyboard
  • samp: sample output
  • code: computer code output
  • var: variable and argument instance

are inline elements.

The semantics of the <pre> element itself has nothing to do with code, but the characteristics of formatted text are especially suitable for rendering code.

The following uses a case to explain the scenarios where each HTML element is suitable for use.

1. kbd element

<kbd> element represents the information content entered by the user.

For example, we signal git to use the code, and the information entered by the programmer is represented by <kbd> .

For example:

D:\zxx\css-world > <kbd>git checkout master</kbd> 

By default, the browser will add a monospace font to the <kbd> element. For example, my Windows Chrome is the monospace font family.

monospaced font

The effect reference is as follows:

font effect

2. samp element

<samp> element represents the output of the case results, not necessarily the output of the code running results, and other running outputs can also use this element.

for example:

 <p><code>'3'.padStart(2, '0')</code> will automatically pad zero, so the output text is <samp>'03'</samp></p> 

samp effect indication

<samp> element will also use the monospace font family, mostly Courier or Lucida Console fonts.

3. code element

<code> element is used to display code fragments, and the entire block code generally uses the above-mentioned <pre> element.

For example:

 <p>The string has a method named <code>padStart</code>, which can complete characters in front. </p> 

Instructions for using the code element

4. var element

The <var> element is used to represent variable information. For example:

 <p>The formula for calculating the volume of a cuboid is <var>l</var> x <var>w</var> x <var>h</var>, where <var>l</var> represents the length, <var >w</var> means width and <var>h</var> means height. </p> 

var variable element indication

The <var> element is italic by default, but the font is not set.

demo demo

The effects of the above codes can be viewed by clicking here: HTML kbd, samp and other elements use demo


If it is used in the code presentation scene, <var> can represent the variable of the code, <code> can represent a small code fragment, <kbd> can represent the user input information, and <samp> can represent the result output information.

Among them, some elements can be nested with each other.

In addition, as far as the default style is concerned, <var> is italic and has no font settings. The text styles of <code> , <kbd> and <samp> are normal, but the font is a monospaced font.

2. Expand semantics and applications

Recently in the project, I have used <samp> element. There are some special characters. I need a tag to wrap it and reset the font settings. I found that <samp> element is the most suitable. The special output conforms to the semantics. With font settings, in line with the font setting scene.

This is the meaning of learning these seemingly uncommon HTML elements, and there may be an extra choice at a critical time.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, the content is not deep, mainly to expand the breadth of knowledge.

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