2202 Elegant Install OS

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For Win10, I usually use the original image for installation, so it was a long time ago that I made a PE installation system. Recently, for some reasons, I need to help people install the system on some computers. Because the computer configuration is too stretched, Win10 does not run very smoothly. I picked up my U disk and installed a mirror I downloaded a long time ago and found a bunch of junk bundled software. It may be the pot of Lao Mao Tao or the pot of the system image. . Choose the right PE After this incident, there is a need to find a clean PE and Ghost version of Win7. The first thing to solve is PE. I used micro-PE a long time ago and it is also very clean and concise, probably because there is no update. , the screen support for certain resolutions is not very good, and the old Mao Tao was replaced later. This time, in the process of looking for mirror images, I found the “Youqitong” U disk PE produced by IT Sky […]

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