336.6 billion yuan in credit, financial support for major project investment in Shanghai, 102 projects in the first batch

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 Titanium Media App reported on July 26 that the “Chaoyong Pujiang” investment in Shanghai Global Sharing Season Bank-Enterprise Cooperation (major project and financial institution docking session) event was held in Shanghai Securities Building. This event released the first batch of 102 projects with financial support for major investment projects in Shanghai, with a total of 336.6 billion yuan in the first batch of credit. During the event, representatives of key regions and major project companies such as Pudong New Area, Shanghai Real Estate Group, and CATL introduced regional development plans, major industry development directions, enterprise development strategies and financing needs for future major project construction, and strengthened the effectiveness of projects and financial funds. docking. Representatives of various financial institutions such as China Development Bank Head Office, Industrial and Commercial Bank Head Office, China Pacific Insurance Group, HSBC Bank, etc., expressed their willingness to actively support the construction of major projects in Shanghai, deepen the connection with key regions and key enterprises, quickly respond to the financing needs of major projects, and help Shanghai to speed up construction A socialist modern international metropolis with world influence.

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